Learn Public Speaking in this Masterclass

Designed for recently-promoted female leaders who are looking to build their personal brand

How One Woman Used Public Speaking to Get Her Dream Job

I want to tell you a story about a student of mine named Julie.

Julie wasn’t thrilled with her job and wanted to make a change.

She chose to invest in her public speaking to help her interview better.

In my public speaking masterclass, we worked on sharing information using a specific framework. Every student shared a presentation that had a beginning, middle and end. Time and time again, she used that framework to share stories about her leadership in interviews.

Today, she is at ‘her dream job’ as National Sales Director at one of the top telecom companies in the country.

Who This Masterclass Is For:

  • You just got a promotion and need to bring your A-game to presentations
  • You are already in a senior leadership position and want better command of a room
  • You have a big sales presentation coming up and need to knock it out of the park.
  • You want to speak on panels, at conferences and on live tv, but are afraid you’ll screw up
  • You want to make videos to be the face of your brand, but are deathly afraid of the process.
  • You record 100 takes and publish NOTHING to social.
  • If any of the above describe you, read on…

What You’ll Get in the Public Speaking Masterclass

You will learn…

  • How to build your brand within your organization
  • How to tell your story so people will stand up and listen
  • You will walk away with six practical stories that will capture the attention of the toughest crowds

In my masterclass, we’ll strengthen your storytelling skills through this four-step process.

Step one. you will identify your role model. What are the six traits of your role model you admire? 

Step two. Tell me a personal story about a time you demonstrated this trait.

Step three. Think about the takeaway. What did you learn about yourself as a result of this story? This is the gift for your audience.

Step four: You deliver your talk to the class for feedback.

We will rinse and repeat in each of the 7 classes. We will also feature a speaker at the top of each class, focused on YOUR pain points. 

With this Masterclass you’ll get personalized development with Joya, a leading business news anchor in New York City.The sessions are limited to only seven professionals, to create a safe and inclusive environment for you to overcome your fears and master the art of public speaking.

Why is Joya the one to teach this class?

I’ve made my living as a television anchor for 20 years. I covered the financial markets from the floor of the New York Stock Exchange.

Daily, I interviewed CEOs of Fortune 500 and 1000 companies who were ringing the opening or closing bell. Hourly, I delivered 2 minute reports, analyzing the markets.

I had to be concise. 



I had to get YOU, the audience, to care about these 3 stock stories at this hour. And it was in front of a national audience.

I’ve given a TedTalk. I’ve spoken in front of 1600 women at a convention center. I’ve commanded the stage at the Apollo Theater in Harlem. 

Do you know what it takes to quiet a room? I learned it. Now I’m going to teach it to you.

Joya’s Approach to Teaching

This class is for you if you like:

  • Learning in a group environment
  • Community and being in a safe container for 6 weeks with 7 women who are at the same level as you
  • Practicing your presentations in front of a group
  • Learning from giving your peers feedback. 


With my “Command a Room With Authority Masterclass,” I share a formula for storytelling. The reason for this formula is that we have 3 brains as human beings. Sharing *just data* or teaching engages two of our brains. A *story* engages all three.

It dates back to our ancestors and how they shared information around a campfire. They told —stories.

Class is 7 sessions. In each session, you will deliver a 2 minute presentation. This will be a personal story about your leadership and a time that you demonstrated a trait worthy of your role model.

Start thinking about the answers to these questions:

  • Why do I deserve to be here?
  • Why am I worth listening to?
  • What is my experience?
  • What subject am I well versed in?
  • What angle do I view it from?


Your personal stories DO have a place in your leadership. This is the first time you are making yourself vulnerable and workshopping the RIGHT way to share them. 

Course Details

In each class, you will be presenting a 2 min talk. I will record it and play it back to you and to the class for feedback. At the end of the class, each student will deliver the same talk again, but this time, integrating the feedback from the class. This is how I run workshops with groups when I get called into corporates.

This is a 7 week public speaking course.

Hosted via Zoom

Dates:  Wed., June 1st, Tues., June 7th*, Wed., June 15th, 22nd, 29th, and July 6th & 13th. 

Time: 7-8:30pm EDT

Who: 5-7 Women per cohort

A 30 minute private one on one with Joya

Cost: $5,200 if paid in full (save $750) or 5 installments of $1190

*All classes Wednesdays, except Tuesday, June 7th.

Testimonials About Joya's Masterclass

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Saloua Benkhouya was VP at the Royal Bank of Canada. She had 2 of the top performing teams in the country. Over the course of class, she realized she is capable of doing so much more. She wanted to start a fund to change the way women invest in women. Just before the last class, she turned in her resignation to the bank. She is pursuing her dream.

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Noelia is a physician’s assistant in the ER of one of the top teaching hospitals in the country. As you can imagine, life was hectic the last two years. She had a wellness business on the side, and introduced a meditation practice to her fellow doctors during the pandemic. It was so effective, that a white paper was drafted. She wrote me to say she was asked to present the white paper to 40 people the other day. Normally, she would have freaked out, but the class taught her confidence.

Public speaking is a top leadership skill

Today’s remote work culture is impacting women. While 70% of working women feel empowered by the flexibility of being able to work from home, a recent report by Catalyst shows that working outside the office could also hurt women’s chances of feeling seen and heard at work.

Catalyst conducted a survey of 1,100 U.S. working adults over the age of 18.  45% of women business leaders say it’s difficult for women to speak up in virtual meetings.  One in five women say they’ve felt ignored or overlooked by colleagues during video calls. Additionally, three in five female employees say they feel like their prospects of getting a promotion are worse in their new remote work environment.

The deck is stacked against us, but it doesn’t have to be this way. Let me help you balance the cards in your favor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a payment plan?

Yes. Available upon request. We set it up for you in 30 day increments. There is an additional installment fee.

What if I want a refund because my circumstances have changed?

You sign an agreement after you pay the initial deposit. By purchasing (signing up, registering, etc.), you agree to our Terms of Purchase.

Will I get a certification of completion at the end of the class?

Yes. your certificate will look like this:

The Results: Testimonials From Other Students