Leadership Academy

Three Pillars of Membership

I drive the women’s leadership academy in one of three ways: There is peer mentoring, where members weigh in on your challenges through weekly Zoom calls. Never feel like you’re alone in your struggle.

There is expert mentoring. Each week, we interview a CEO or a business expert for your learning. You have access to them, so get ready with your questions.

And then you get to leverage the network. What do you need right now? Stop searching. Someone here has the connection you need.

Peer Mentoring

I have broken down all members by industry groups. They meet at the same time each week on Zoom. On these calls, I ask
  • What is a win?
  • What is a challenge?
  • Whom do you need to be connected to?”
This affords me a high-touch environment to support you. You share a challenge in a trusted space and crowd-source a solution.
  • Legal, tech, finance meet 8am Tuesday
  • Housing, Hospitality, Interior Design and Construction meet 10am Tuesday
  • Creatives meet 9am Thursday
Fireside Chat with Anjali Sud, CEO of Vimeo

Expert & CEO Mentoring

My daily schedule as a business news anchor was to interview either the opening or closing bell CEO on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange. I bring this dynamic to you. Learn from the best in the business.

Each week, you can expect either a CEO, an author or an expert in business to speak to you. 

I don’t believe in bringing a speaker to ‘talk at you’ for an hour. The speaker and I will engage in conversation for 20 minutes, setting up the topic. Then the speaker will take your questions live. This way you learn to ask questions of high level CEO’s and get access to one-on-one coaching.

Leverage the Network's Network

When I decided to become a news anchor in New York City, I didn’t know anybody in the industry. I built a network that got me to that goal. When I started a documentary production company, I built a different network. I want to help you build the network that can get you to your goals.

I network everyday to bring resources back to the LadyDrinks community.

You get to leverage my network. You get to leverage the network’s network.

What do you need right now to be successful?


  • You are job searching. We connect you to the decision makers and hiring managers at the company.
  • You went from a team of 8 to a team of 25. We bring in an organizational development expert to speak. You get one on one coaching with them.
  • You hit an inflection point in your business. Now you want ‘next level.’ We connect you to our PR arm to position you as a thought leader in the marketplace.
  • You are the face of your business, but public speaking isn’t your strong suit. Enroll in one-on-one coaching or a Masterclass with 6 other women.

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