About Joya Dass

Fun Facts About the Founder

  • I was born in a small town in Central Pennsylvania
  • My high school friends called me “Dass”
  • I’ve lived in New York City since 1999. I live here because of the attitude.
  • I am fluent in Bengali. The only people who speak it in New York City are cab drivers and bar backs.
  • I love to drink scotch, bourbon, and smoke cigars.
  • My third career will be ‘whiskey sommelier.’
  • I did standup at Caroline’s on Broadway. I used my dating life in New York as material. 
  • I have a photographic memory. It’s why I know your first name. And your last name.  
  • Travel is everything to me.  Like a true Sagittarius, I prefer to roam free and not be held down.
  • I spent 20 years covering the financial markets on TV from the floor of the NYSE.
  • I interviewed CEOs each week. It’s where I learned about leadership. It also makes me one of the BEST public speaking coaches out there, and it feels good. 
  • For 15 of those years, I was the face of a Saturday morning show on the side. The topic of “AVS” was the latest in Bollywood film. 
  • If you left me on a deserted island, and gave me one food choice, it would be popcorn.
  • I started LadyDrinks in 2010. My business partner Greta had started it as a monthly meetup for women in film and TV to network and get jobs.