1:1 Coaching

Sheryl would get requests from television channels to do live interviews. She would always turn them down.

Seema came to me, because she wanted to turn her ‘no’s’ into a ‘yes.’

As the face of her business, she also wanted to start filming videos.

We drafted 6 questions. Each week, each session was dedicated to workshopping the answer and delivering it. She would present. I recorded it, offered feedback such as “let’s find simpler word for that.”

After the 6 weeks, she was a well oiled machine. I took her to a news studio from my former life. I asked the same six questions in succession. We filmed her answers to tape. She answered them with the energy and succinctness we practiced.

Today, she has said ‘yes’ to live tv interviews. She’s started filming videos for her business, which is bringing paying clients to her doorstep.

Step 1. Discovery Call

One on one coaching is designed for busy executives who want 6 sessions designed with their specific goal in mind and designed to fit their schedule.

What are your individual goals? Some clients want to be deliver crisp client presentations. Others want to tell their story on stage. Which one are you?

• What are you willing to invest in your personal development?

• What does your schedule looks like for a 6-week commitment? Are you seeking on-demand coaching for an upcoming talk?

• What is your motivation?

• How vulnerable are you willing to be?



Play Video
Play Video

Step 2 Proposal for 6 Sessions

This lays out how we will work together for the next six weeks. This lays out how we will structure our one hour together. 

Keep in mind this stage is about co-creation. I can create a proposal. But your input is key.

After this, we get to work.

If we are enrolled in a 6 week session, you have access to me in between sessions.

Play Video
Play Video

Step 3

• You get your dream job

• You launch your podcast

• You build your brand with more live tv appearances

• You comfortably become the ‘face’ of your business by giving talks and appearing on panels

• You launch your product to market and can talk about it

• You are able to share your own story, elegantly

Package of 6 Sessions

Learn to become a better speaker!