Your Storytelling Sucks. How This Piece of AI Could Fix it Forever

Your Storytelling Sucks - How This AI Could Fix It Forever

Sometimes, I get an inbound on my Youtube Channel like this:

Youtube comment section - inbound

I used to make a video in response.

I had no way of knowing if the person viewed it or if it had impact.

Others would take an 8 week workshop with me.

They had the tools, but struggled to deploy them in real time after class ended.

They still needed feedback.

Now I am experimenting with an app. 

Esha Joshi wanted women to have more confidence in their public speaking, She co founded Yoodli, an AI-powered coach that offers feedback on a person’s public speaking.


I tried the app myself. 

Here is what I found out about my own storytelling:


Step 1. I uploaded one of my videos. 

You could tell a story about something you were proud of as a kid. 

You could talk about something you are good at.

I chose planning for how to be your future self now.



Step 2: I picked 4 metrics for Yoodli to analyze:

  • my use of filler words
  • pacing
  • repetition
  • level of eye contact.

You can pick which metrics you want the app to measure from a menu.



Step 3: It analyzed my video

It took a few minutes.

You can walk away and get a coffee.


Step 4: The app offered information such as

  • How many times I used ‘filler words’ and which ones.
  • Am I above or below average in my use.
  • See below for the exact pieces of feedback I got.
Yoodli - Eye Contact
Yoodli - Repetition
Yoodli - Pacing
Yoodli - Filler Words

Step 5: As a public speaking coach, I can ask clients to record videos of themselves into my own hub

  • I could offer feedback. 
  • They could also integrate Yoodli into Zoom
  • The app could offer feedback in real time.
  • Feedback such as “slow down.”
Cartoon character representing a bad female storyteller

Am I worried AI will replace me as coach? No.

My high level clients who are giving branded talks, TEDtalks, get tripped up on this point: 

Organizing their material for impact.

Imagine going to see a comedian, and there was no lead up to the punchline. IN fact, all the lines were out of order. The whole experience would suck, because a joke is not as funny, when the parts are told out of order. There needs to be a ‘tee-up’ and then the final line has to ‘land.’

That level of organization still needs a human.

For now.

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