Yassmin Dever, Sotheby’s Wine Advisory on Women and Wine

Yassmin Dever, Sotheby’s Wine Advisory on Women and Wine

This Thursday, December 5th, LadyDrinks Women’s Networking hosts a Wine Masterclass for Executive Women in partnership with Sotheby’s Wine Advisory.

Yassmin Dever of Sotheby’s Wine Advisory has developed educational programming to empower women to own the wine list and speak confidently and intelligently about wine. She will lead us through an exquisite evening of wine education and tasting through a curated selection of some of her favorite fine wines. I asked her a few questions ahead of the event.

Joya: Yassmin, why do executive and professional women need to learn about wine?
Yassmin: The frustrating reality is that the wine world (like many others) is inherently dominated by men. When I go out to a restaurant, the wine list is without fail handed first to the man at the table. Female executives and professionals are often entertaining and engaging with investors, corporate executives and high value clients over a meal. As such, it is extremely important that women feel empowered to speak confidently and intelligently about wine, and to hold their own at the table. My goal is for women to own the wine list. Scientific studies show that we are superior tasters after all!

Joya: What are the biggest missteps we make when it comes to pairing food with wine?

Yassmin: Pairing wine and food is all about what makes you happy. Sure, there are guidelines and suggested pairings, but I think often people end up being goaded by a sommelier to order a particular white wine that pairs perfectly with their Dover Sole when all they really wanted was a glass of a nice big bold Napa cab.

Joya: What is happening at the LadyDrinks/Sotheby’s partnered event this Thursday, Dec 5th?

Yassmin: I will be leading a fun, interactive, guided and educational tasting of 6 wines with the ultimate goal of getting everyone a step closer to owning the wine list. This should be a comfortable non-judgmental forum for people to ask anything they wanted to know about wine but were too afraid to ask.

Joya: What wines will we be tasting/learning about?
Yassmin: I prefer to keep this as a surprise! But it will be 1 flight of white and 2 flights of red.

Joya Dass is the founder of LadyDrinks, engaging in leadership development for executive women. Website: www.ladydrinks.com

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