“Women overthink everything, doubting ourselves constantly. Build a support system for when that self doubt kicks in. We CAN do anything we want to. We have to believe that.”
Seema Bansal, Co founder of Venus ET Fleur speaking at the XO Group FoundHERS Fireside Chat last week. Seema is the co-creator of the popular Eternity® Roses, that are sourced from Ecuador, coated with a special wax, and can last up to a year.
Dear LadyDrinks members,
I read a lot of books as its important to me to be as knowledgeable about the women’s business space as possible. I’m also voraciously reading articles. This particular article by Camille Styles caught my attention.
She urges women to write their future bio.
Not a eulogy. That’s kind of morbid. Your future bio. In the third person.
I wrote mine.  I’ve declared to the Universe that I wish to run LadyDrinks full time by this December, so this kind of exercise has special appeal to me.  In five years, I have hosted an event in every city of the world. This way, when a LadyDrinks member travels to Seoul, Brussels, Paris, or moves to Washington DC, there is a thoughtful and engaged woman or women she can connect with.  I don’t just want to eek by like I have been. I wish to thrive at running LadyDrinks full time. Be empowered.
Here is what writing my future bio did for me. I stepped off the carrousel of my daily life, walked away from my daily to-do lists, and looked at my life with a much bigger lens. It forced me to think BIGGER.  It forced me view my life through a focused lens and decide what I need to do next, right now.  I assigned specific dates to the big events. Camille shares how to take this one step further and break your future bio into actionable goals.
Try it and tell me how you do.

We have overhauled the LadyDrinks website and membership last month. Until December 31st,  you can be a charter member for $190 a year. www.ladydrinks.com January 1st, we flip to a new model as we work to become a bigger and better resource for you. Become a member and be featured on a password protected page that gives you access to profiles and contact details of other LadyDrinks members around the world.
Global Event Lineup:

I spend so much of my time attending networking events during the week (when I’m not hosting my own). I  should be sharing what I learn with you.
Last Thursday’s event was an engaging panel discussion on how women are raising money to grow their business.
Sharing some resources here:
Three places you can go to help you with drafting a business plan.

  1. Baruch College has a Small Business Development Center https://blogs.baruch.cuny.edu/fieldcenter/ Connect with Leo Zhang, who has a background working in the startup environment, specifically with businesses that later went on to partner with Fortune 500 clients. He has an MBA in Management and Finance. Leo.Zhang@baruch.cuny.edu
  2. SCORE NYC is a volunteer team of experienced business mentors dedicated to providing insights and knowledge to small business owners.  The initial meeting with a mentor is designed to allow you to share with the mentor everything about your business. As a result the mentor will be asking you challenging and probing questions in order to gain more insight about your business.   There are also 100 workshops covering dozens of critical areas designed to help you grow and build your business. Many of these workshops are FREE click here.  Contact them at info@scorenyc.org or call 212 264 4507
  3. If in New Jersey, go to the Institute of Entrepreneurial Leadership  Founded in 2002, it’s an independent, not-for-profit organization that supports economic development through entrepreneurship.

Pipeline Angels Bootcamp
“ I’m a huge believer in creating my own systems.,” said Natalia Oberti Noguera Founder & CEO of Pipeline Angels, a company that is changing the face of angel investing speaking. “To quote Rihanna, If we want to shine like a diamond, we have to invest in diamonds in the rough.”  If you would like to enroll in their entrepreneur’s bootcamp, details here.
Sephora accelerator
Sephora created an accelerator program for female led beauty startups

  1. Read more here https://fashionista.com/2016/01/sephora-accelerate
  2. Apply here https://www.sephorastands.com/accelerate/\

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