Write Copy that Converts Edition 1

I found it in a tucked away bottom corner of a Milwaukee antique store. I mused to my boyfriend “How will we get it back?” It’s 35 pounds of pure metal.

Sticker price? $35.00.

He lugged the vintage Underwood typewriter back to our East Village apartment in a suitcase. It adds to our eclectic nature of apartment. A mix of vintage Bollywood film posters and relics from his grandfather’s time in war. As we ready to move to Brooklyn this week, typewriter in tow, I offer six things in the weekly LadyDrinks newsletter


How do you teach confidence?

I had phoned the potential instructor for the next leadership workshop for kids

“It’s simple,” he replied: “Do you have love for what you do? Are you passionate about what you are doing?”

He went on.

“And edge.” he added. “You can look at an opponent and observe that they come from a privileged background. That they are taller. That they have more talent. But you have one thing you can do.

You can outwork them.

You can come in early. You can stay late.

You can study longer.

That’s how you get an edge. That’s how you build confidence.”

In 2002, Olin founded Basketball’s Finest Training Academy. Over the last 13 years, BFT Academy has established itself as one of the most accredited youth basketball training programs in California.

In this career, he has worked with clients of all ages and fitness levels including NBA players, celebrities, corporate executives, and collegiate and youth athletes.

This Saturday at 11am EST, NBA Trainer Olin Simplis teaches confidence in our next leadership workshop for kids

Today at noon LadyDrinks member and contemporary artist Shreya Mehta and I talk about how to grow your Instagram following from 300 to 12,000 followers. She, herself, has done it. Stumped as to what kind of content to share? Today, we engage in an IG LIVE Tuesday April 28th at 12pm EST.

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I have gotten into the habit of observing how other successful brands market themselves. Away luggage booked $450,000 in pre orders for suitcasesEven before they made one suitcase. What can I learn from their example and transplant into my own marketing? Chieh Huang and his three co founders had a background in gaming. They applied those gaming principles to create the app that delivers bulk sized groceries to homes in urban areas. Tomorrow, at noon, I’m in conversation with the CEO of Boxed.com on how he has really risen to the occasion during the pandemic.

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Last week, we hosted a workshop on ways to disrupt imposter syndrome. It shows up in different ways. A relentless need to be perfect. Insecurity and self doubt. Overworking. Nalini Saxena suggested the following: know that success takes time. Don’t underestimate how much we know. And May 22nd, Selena Rezvani demands “You ARE the expert! Now act like one!” Tools to act like and think like a real thought leader. Learn to get more true fans

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