6/30 How I’m Copying My NYC Workouts in Paris

How I’m Copying My NYC Workouts In Paris

My friend Anjalee always jokes, that if I was ever kidnapped, everyone would know what I ate, who I was with, and where I was because I document everything on my Instagram stories, minute to minute. On this feed, you will also find a daily post from any workout I am doing that day.

When I became an entrepreneur, I learned quickly that not everyday would be a ‘win.’ I do a high volume of sales calls each day. If I didn’t win the morning with a hard workout, I would just be left with the rejection. So I workout (and post) daily to be accountable, first and foremost to myself.

While in Paris, I will be working, so I also have a daily workout planned.

Yesterday, I landed, got my stuff settled at my apartment and wound my way through the Marais district to a yoga class at Riise. My weight lifting coach back home, Kyle, trains a Paris-based client and he works out at Riise, with 2 locations in Paris. The 6:30pm in Charlot was taught by a taut Gabrielle, entirely in French. Since I don’t speak a lick of the language, I just took my cues from the gal in front of me in class. 

“Planche” is a plank, no matter where you are.

The class was  a high energy yoga, come pilates, come cardio class, in a cool, hip, club like atmosphere, with American music I recognized. The studio had a ‘Soul Cycle’ vibe with candles for lighting and black yoga mats, with the logo “Riise Paris” imprinted on them. I’m looking forward to returning.

I’m looking forward to Paris’ version of ‘Soul Cycle’ at Dynamo and HIIT (high intensity interval training) at R2 Bastille or Midtown Studio

Airbnb experiences also offers early morning runs through some of the most beautiful parts of Paris. I had been packing for weeks for this trip, and chose my casual Nikes instead of my workout ones. I might have to buy some running sneakers just so I can take advantage of this.

This Friday morning, I will be in the South of France, doing a bike tour of castles with sports coach Julien at Les Sources de Caudelie, a handsome spa located about 2 hours from Paris. Excited for this!

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