What I’m Packing for a Snow Bound Weekend Upstate

What I’m Packing For A Snow-Bound Weekend Upstate

For Martin Luther King weekend, friends, my partner and I are headed upstate to the home of a member of the Women’s Leadership Lab.

I’m doing my usual by “packing” on a whiteboard first. I want to be warm and be stylish.

The five reasons I pack this way:

Packing on a whiteboard

#1 I avoid overpacking

I like to travel as light as possible, in this case, a Longchamp weekender bag. so I’m packing to eliminate redundancy and ensure every item does double duty.

#2 I’m planning for activities

I map to the activities and to the temperature of my destination. It will be a high of 37, low of 19. Snow expected. “Warm” is the operative word.

#3 I keep everything in the same color palette

Everything can be mixed and matched this way.
Color palette with color hex

#4 I avoiding last-minute stress

By making a list early, I can gradually gather the items, practice pack to ensure everything fits in my bag, and buy anything that is missing. It cuts down on stress and allows me to focus on the excitement of the trip.

#5 I stay organized

During the packing process, I check off each item, so I make sure I haven’t forgotten something critical like gloves.



Victoria Secret Pajamas

Comfort is key when it comes to loungewear, and Victoria Secret’s modal pajamas are the epitome of coziness. The modal is super soft, but they also provide a layer of warmth for those chilly winter nights.  I ordered these in size Medium.

Banana Republic Factory Fair Isle Sweater

A Fair Isle sweater is a must-have for any ski getaway. This classic patterned knit from Banana Republic Factory is not only fashionable but also functional, providing warmth without compromising on style. I ordered it in size Small.

Fur Cardigan

My fur cardigan from the south of France has survived many years of wardrobe purges. It’s perfect for dinners out. The trendy open front design adds a chic touch to any look.

Baleaf Fleece-lined Winter Leggings

These leggings from Baleaf are not your average pair. Lined with fleece, they provide extra insulation for those extra cold days. They’re comfortable, stretchy, and perfect for a day of staying in or going out. I ordered it in Medium.

Uniqlo Thermals: Top and Bottom

Uniqlo’s thermal top and bottom are my go-to for base layers. (Both in size Medium). They’re designed to retain heat and are made of a comfortable, lightweight material that doesn’t feel bulky under my clothes.

J.Crew Cashmere Sweater

For a touch of luxury, I always pack a cashmere sweater. This one from J. Crew is incredibly soft and provides an extra layer of warmth. I ordered it in a Small.  It’s versatile enough to dress up or down.

Frank & Eileen Denim Shirt

This denim shirt is 100% Italian Cotton and is generously cut, with Frank and Eileen’s s easy-to-pull-off style. I ordered this in small.

Bombas Socks and Alo Yoga Gear

I never forget to pack my Bombas socks and Alo yoga gear. The socks are comfortable and warm, while the Alo yoga bra (small) and leg warmers (XS/S) are perfect for our morning sessions with Lauren.

Anna Wool-Lined Fur Boots

No winter outfit is complete without a pair of sturdy boots. The Women’s Anna Wool-Lined Fur Boots are not only stylish but also incredibly warm. Check them out here. I sized up from my usual to 7.

Ski Pants

My Rawik Storm Snow Pants from Sierra are insulated and great for our planned snow hike in Sculpture Park. I ordered these in Medium.


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