What I Pack in my Day Bag for Europe

What I Pack In My Day Bag For Europe

A friend punched my date of birth, time of birth, and birth town into an algorithm. The goal of the exercise was to see where my travel inclinations lie.

The results were no surprise. I had NO longitudinal lines across the continental United States. There was one faint line by New York. And a whopping 14 longitudinal lines across Europe. 

Given that most European flights arrive in the morning and early check ins are a thing of the past given American pent up travel demand, I’m often wondering what to do in between. 

Today, I’ve smartened up. I pack a day bag.

Here’s what goes in it.

  1. Think critically about your choice of day bag. It can’t be too heavy to carry around. It has to be big enough to carry a change of clothing. I love this bag from Dagne Dover, made from 29 recycled plastic bottles. It features a dozen pockets to organize everything.
  2. A change of clothes to tour around. I always include a scarf and a vest for the changing environments I may be going through. A swimsuit, flipflops, and coverup if the facility has a pool. I stow them in packing cubes from Away.
  3. Wipes. If I can’t shower right away, these YUNI Shower sheets, available in lemongrass and rose, allow me to freshen up. I also carry Clorox wet wipes or antibacterial wipes to wash my hands, wipe off a dirty table or chair, etc
  4. Toothbrush, toothpaste, moisturizers, makeup, comb. I carry all of these in my Truffle Clarity Case, which is TSA approved.
  5. Snacks. Individually wrapped pistachios. White cheddar rice cakes. Almonds. Fiber bars. I carry snacks just in case I’m not able to eat healthy or nothing is open yet.
  6. Charger and cords. I ensure my portable charger from Anker is fully charged so I always have connectivity. I put the cords in my Bellroy Tech Organizer. 
  7.  Water Bottle. Staying hydrated is key.  I have a slim fit 8 oz water bottle that I can refill often.
  8. Sunglasses.
  9. Hat


I drive leadership programming with a big element of adventure. I talk about why in this video.  I’m currently enrolling candidates for the 2024 Class of my Mastermind. Next year’s retreat is in Nice, France. Imagine taking a power yacht from Nice to Cannes to snorkel in the underwater eco museum, with large installations from James Cairne Taylor.

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Master packing list


I have two major things happening in Spain: I’m hosting 2 client VIP Days to work on their storytelling and content strategy. I have a birthday dinner at a restaurant that I have waited to get a reservation at since 2017. El Cellar de Can Roca consistently ranks at the top of the “World’s 50 Best Restaurants” list and is about an hour train ride from Barcelona. Before I dive into the specifics, I create a packing strategy.

I am sticking to one basic color palette: espresso, which is very on trend this season, and black. I’ll add in pops of color with scarves and jewellery.

Color palette: Espresso

I’m considering the temperatures which will be a high of 60, low of 49.

I’m considering the activities I will be doing: Client strategy, casual dinners, lunches, breakfasts, touring, yoga, train, plane, formal dinner.

I’m considering the length of the trip: I’ll be gone for 15 days.

Knowing the answers to these items help me create the Master Packing List.

Client strategy days - Outfits

Client Strategy Days

For outfits while I’m working with my client, I want to look professional, but I also want to be warm and be able to comfortable. Here are some my picks:

  • Outfit 1: For my base, I pair this high ruffle blouse from Sandro Paris and black pants from MM LeFleur for the days I need to go from boardroom to dinner. I can take the Nadaam cashmere sweater off for the evening. The topper is this wool blazer from Ralph Lauren and Naturalizer boots in caramel. What I love about this grey leather bag from M. Gemi is that it is convertible from hand bag to backpack. My laptop fits inside.


  • Outfit 2: My base is a this Paco cashmere oversized tee from Reformation, paired with a knee length midi skirt from Banana Republic. The topper is this lady jacket from Mango and an oversized camel colored wrap from J.Crew, paired with my Naturalizer boots in black. Accessories are these Bottega rip off earrings I bought from Amazon for an amzing $11.00 on Prime Day, my Ferragamo belt, and this tall Cuyana tote. The handles are convertible from over-the-shoulder to a hand tote. My laptop fits inside.


  • Outfit 3: This outfit is a slight departure from my color scheme, but is my airport outfit and good for the day we are doing a private tour of Gaudi’s works in Barcelona with Jordana. The base is this ‘can’t live without’ shirt from Frank and Eileen. So soft and comfortable, I wear them constantly. MM LeFleur pants and my Naadam cashmere sweater. Accessories include Chanel sunglasses, an Epice scarf from Paris, my steadies (Nike sneakers) and the M.Gemi bag.


  • Outfit 4: The base is a cashmere camel turtleneck from J. Crew, MM Lefleur pants. The topper is my Ralph Lauren Coat paired with the oversized cashmere wrap. Accessories include earrings from Turkey, black Cuyana bag, and Naturalizer boots.

Casual Days

The majority of my days in between will be days to walk the city, try out different yoga classes on Classpass Barcelona (you get a free month in any country to try out different studios), and getting things at the market to make in my Airbnb. For these days:

  • Outfit 1: My base is my J. Crew cashmere sweater in black, jeans from Banana Republic. My topper is this Duvet Wrap Puffer Vest from the Gap. Matt says I look like a samurai fighter in it. Accessories include my NY Yankees hat (never leave home without it), Nike kicks, and my Athleta cross body bag, which surprisingly fits alot of stuff.


  • Outfit 2: I love this striped Breton from Boden and jeans. It layers nicely under my Reiss leather jacket. I can wear my Epice scarf to keep out a stiff draft.


  • Outfit 3: The base here is my second ‘can’t live without’ Frank and Eileen shirt, and light Banana Republic jeans. My Reformation sweater doubles as a sweater vest over top. My Puffer Vest is the topper. Accessories are the M. Gemi bag and Nike kicks.


  • Outfit 4: My workout gear. Athleta long line bra in Navy and Olive, matching salutation stash tights in Navy and Fern. A long sleeved coverup shirt from . The topper is my puffer vest and Athleta cross body bag..
Dinners Out at Night - Outfits

At Night

I get to spice things up a bit at night.. Here are a couple of outfit ideas:

  • Outfit 1: An off-the-shoulder sweater dress from Reiss. Chic but comfy when paired with a gold necklace. For evening, my Reiss leather jacket is the topper. I will carry a Carolina Herrera iPad case that doubles as a clutch and matches my caramel colored Naturalizer boots.
  • Outfit 2: Off-the-shoulder is clearly a thing with me. I pair this jersey top from Ralph Lauren, with Mango slacks with a tuxedo stripe down the side. My Reiss leather jacket is the topper.
In conclusion, packing like this allows me to account for all the planned scenarios and any **pleasant unplanned scenarios** that may pop up. I can afford to say ‘yes!’ to something spontaneous, which is hard for me sometimes, because I’m such a planner. 

Remember, this is just a guide. Feel free to adjust the list to suit your needs. Happy packing!

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