8.27 Edition

What I Did Last Week - Version 16

Monday We tied up a beautiful 13 days in Turkey this week, including the annual Women’s Leadership Lab sail (drone video by Omer Oner Fotografer). Trips to off-the-beaten path places like this always challenge me. But it’s also an opportunity for growth.   I tell a story about coming head to head with a moment of fear.  

Tuesday After an 11-hour flight back, I was at my desk.  I reminded myself to be gentle with myself, because I was feeling a bit raw about returning. I always get like this after a trip. Here are 4 strategies I do to make the transition from vacation easier. 

Um hello my podcast got 61! Downloads while I was gone. Bonkers!

The next adventure is Barcelona in December. It includes a client VIP Day with a CEO who is working on her thought leadership. The trip also includes ringing in 51! with a visit to a restaurant that has been on my vision board FOR YEARS! YEARS. I even wrote them last year as I was turning 50, saying I would come for lunch for 1. They said, “no bueno”. This year, it turned into “bueno” and I have a reservation with several women leaders and myself for December 9th. I’m eyeing up this sweater jacket from bash. This silk black skirt and this cream skirt  and this Betty Cardigan from Sezane for the trip.   I’llI send out my Barcelona Agenda to my before the trip. Subscribe here.

Wednesday, I have been thinking about the transformations with clients in the Mastermind as I start to enroll the class of 2024.

One client has gotten two promotions in the two years we have worked together. Before meeting me, she was already doing the work, but didn’t the title or the pay commensurate with what she was doing. When she proposed the idea of a promotion to management,  the response was “The timeline is too aggressive.”

I shared the “MAP Method” with her 

  1. I asked her to interview 6 people who already hold the position of Chief Marketing Officer. What are their top 6 traits? List them.
  2. Once she had the list, I asked her to go back into her 20+ year career and harvest a time when she demonstrated that trait. She practiced these stories to make the business case for her promotion.
  3. She secured a lunch with the CEO, where she formally made the business case using these stories
  4. By her chosen timeframe, she not only got the promotion, but to a bigger title than originally desired.

Members of my Samita Lab Mastermind are giving their Tedx style talks on November 16th on a New York City stage to demonstrate their grasp of powerful storytelling.  If this is something that is of interest to you, I’m enrolling for the 2024 class now. Apply here.

Thursday was maintenance day and returning back to being a New York girl again. Manicure at my neighborhood salon. Haircut at my Brooklyn favorite WhiteRoom with Steven Decarlo. I drive him nuts with my visit each time “Hair long. Hair short.”  Folks who went on the sail to Croatia in 2022  had a reunion dinner. I was so so excited to see everyone and exchange travel stories from 2023. Paris. Israel. Oslo. Rome. 

Jetlag is a total bitch so I plan to take it easy this weekend. I’ve returned to my daily workouts. I’ve been drinking lots of water. I’m thankful for my skincare regimen from GM Collin. I just ran out of eye cream, so bought the city dtox eye contour.


What I’m looking forward to


Looking forward to the last few pool days at Dumbo House and catching up with one of my mighty panelists from the InvestHer Summit in Paris Amanda Wick, founder and CEO of The Association for Women in Crypto.

Next Thursday, I’m recording an episode with Joanne Tombrakos’ Marketing, Mindfulness & Martinis podcast.  We are having a conversation about “How women brand themselves.” 

Labor Day weekend, I’m looking forward to a Saturday sail with friends and North River Sailing

I hope you enjoy this newsletter and have a wonderful weekend!

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