What I Did Last Week (and what I’m looking forward to) Super Bowl Edition

What I Did Last Week Super Bowl Edition

I listen to Bloomberg news in the morning.

After years of covering Wall Street on television, some habits die hard. This habit never did. I started my career at Bloomberg TV in 1999 and find it to be intelligent reporting still.

This week, my very intelligent business news coverage has been interrupted by

  • How much people will spend on food and snacks (Almost $8B)
  • How much do Super Bowl ads cost? ($7MM for a 30 sec spot)
  • Will major games go the way of streaming services only?
  • Will Taylor Swift private jet to Las Vegas from Tokyo?

She has her share of super fans (and haters).

I listened to a conversation with Sahil Bloom this week and he said something that stayed with me:

“If you are hating on someone, you’re not winning.”

For years I thought about this. Someone took time from their parents, kids, hobbies to get on a computer and draft a public comment about my makeup, hair, clothing, weight.

That person deserves my compassion more than anything else.

In this week’s newsletter:

My cheatsheet here on my secret Sunday routine that sets me up for success

My cheatsheet on how to moderate a panel

Spend Christmas in Paris with me


What I Did Last Week

Friday night.

I’m on the board of the Chamber Orchestra of NY. At the inaugural silent auction, I offered two items.

  • Drinks with me at the Members lounge at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
  • Lunch with me at Soho House.


Both went! Friday, I enjoyed an evening of prosecco and conversation with the winner, who shared her immigrant story from Italy, her years on Wall Street, when fewer women were working on trading desks, and her dream to get her memoir out into the world. Matt joined us at the tail end and regaled her with stories.

Saturday, I had a wonderful day of networking at an Angel Investing Masterclass, hosted by Awakenhub. It was a collective of women who are walking the walk and talking the talk, when it comes to deploying their own capital to advance women entrepreneurs. It was an Irish crowd, and I was really struck by how friendly and open everyone was to chat and conversation. Refreshing compared to most networking events in New York City.

Sunday.Sundays are for reviewing the week past and the week upcoming always.

Download my cheatsheet here on my secret Sunday routine that sets me up for success (And How It Can Do The Same For You With Just 2 Hours)

Monday. Ryan Serhant is a top real estate broker in New York City, catapulted to fame by his appearance on the Bravo TV show “Million Dollar Listing.” He’s also a two time author and I appreciate his authenticity in showing up in print the way he shows up in Youtube videos and the way he shows up in person. Monday night I went to (gasp!) a real bookstore to hear him speak. Barnes and Noble Union Square was host to a conversation as he was releasing his second book, this time on the power of personal branding. My notes here

Tuesday. Dinner at Taste 56 in Dumbo, with a new networking connection, learning about debt financing as a way to grow my business. This restaurant has the most exquisite wine list. I chose this chardonnay from Martinelli.

Thursday. I moderated a panel of super smart people from the hospitality, architecture, and construction industry at the Waterworks showroom on 58th Street. Download my cheatsheet on how to moderate a panel here.


What I’m looking forward to

Friday. I’m super excited to try the “new hotel kid on the block in Tribeca.”

and enjoy interior designer Kit Kemp’s “Alice in Wonderland meets Liberty fabric” style. My friend Jane and I have 5:15pm reservations. Yes. we have become those people who eat at 5pm.

Saturday. Dinner made by Chef Nitin Kamath. He made the food for my January kick off to my Mastermind and it was so delicious. I’m eager to hear his story around food in an intimate setting. His own house!

Lisbon. Have I shared my packing list. This is first draft in Canva


When you’re ready

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Let me eject you out of your routine.

Better yet, let’s do it in Lisbon, Paris, Las Vegas, or Florence and leverage the cultural immersion I offer.

In it, you’ll learn:

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