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What I Did Last Week - Version 5

As I ready to kick off the 2024 Class of the Samita Lab Mastermind tomorrow, I share one key exercise that is a game changer for women I share it with.

It’s called the “Personal Law” exercise. What is it?

We have stories we are telling ourselves. They live just beneath the surface.

“Ill never be thin.”

“I’ll never make money.”

“I’m not good at math.”

The subconscious mind is filled with scripts like the above, some planted as early as 7 years old. They are running on autopilot. UNTIL

We take inventory of them.

I did this exercise myself. The powerful realization was this: As a kid, I observed my mom, who didn’t work ( like many moms) asking my dad for money. As an adult today, I understood why I have challenges receiving money.

The pendulum swung the opposite direction for me. I was determined to be the opposite of my mom.

The exercise is this:

Finish these sentences:

  • The worst thing about me is

  • My most negative thought about myself as a writer or leader is

  • My biggest obstacle to writing or leading effectively is

  • The very worst thing I can say about my writing or my leadership is

Which sentence causes the highest emotional charge in you?

Chances are — this is your ‘personal law’ operating beneath the surface.

As the Class of 2024 of the Samita Lab Mastermind ready to give their TEDxtalks on a NYC stage this November 14th, my critical work in shining light on the things that hold women back, starts with an exercise like this.

Now on to this week’s newsletter:

What I Did Last Week

Friday. We headed up to a member’s mountain home upstate. We definitely had some hairy moments driving. The 5.5 hour drive took a total of 8 hours given the high wind and snow. Good thing we packed sandwiches and snacks. At times, it was just us and the trucks on the roads.

It was a beautiful weekend sitting by the fire place, drinking wine and playing games with the kids. I haven’t laughed this hard in a while.


Saturday was a free day. Dan Sullivan of Strategic Coach says “free days” are 24-hour periods, from midnight to midnight, with no focused business-related thinking or reading, and no communication with the office. I plan all of my free days for the year—and take them.

Look at it this way: You’re the brains behind your business, and in order to continue to be successful, you’ve got to keep your brain sharp. Trouble is, if you use it continuously without rest, it will get dull. Seriously, how creative can you be with your brain dulled by overuse?

Free Days aren’t a reward; they’re a necessity for entrepreneurs who want to show up 100% in work AND in life.

We kicked of the morning with a yoga practice with Laura Solly who came to the home. The afternoon was marked by foot scrubs at the Ellicottville Salt Cave. The owners imported over 20 tons of salt and brought builders in from Poland to create an authentic European style salt cave. We sat for 45 minutes and I fell into a restful sleep.

We went vintage clothing shopping at Betsy’s Consignments. I picked up a Tara Jarmon fur trim collarless jacket for a mere 65 bucks!

We hosted happy hour round the fire pit at the Yodler Lodge.

Sunday. Matt and I went snow hiking in Griffis Sculpture Park. Later in the evening, we had dinner in the private Wine Cellar at Dina’s. I picked a beautiful bottle of Caymus to accompany my steak.

Monday. We drove back to New York and I got busy with my new 2024 routine of meal prep of salads and overnight oats.

Tuesday. The first snow in New York City. It was so pretty to witness as I walked to the newly opened Barrys Bootcamp in Brooklyn Heights for a 6:10 am class.

At a networking event, later in the evening, we answered these self reflection questions with a group of women in the financial services space.


What am I looking forward to


.Joya Dass speaking

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