9.3 Edition

This week, I am getting the programming for the 2024 class of the Samita Lab Mastermind. 

This year’s retreat is in Nice, France. The cultural immersives feature a cooking class, with a morning visit to the market to get vittles for an authentic Niçois meal.  The perfume making class is really a metaphor. As we create our own perfumes and make it our own, it parallels the personal brands each is building.

The 2024 “Deep Writing and Reflection Retreat” happens at the 6 month mark. The exercises are designed to harvest deeply personal stories that can be in service of the Ted x style talk each of the members deliver on stage at the end of the Mastermind. Apply here if you would like to be considered.

And, of course, a sail. 


What I Did Last Week

Monday evening 

I shared a bottle of Ferrari Carano Fume Blanc with my downstairs neighbors. It only took 3 years at our Brooklyn address, but all good things take time. They watered my plants while I was in Turkey. I’m returning the favor while they are away for the Labor Day weekend.


I work with a client who is a photographer. Her superpower is capturing multigenerational family businesses who have an important story to tell to future generations.

She’s also an avid networker and recently fell into conversation with a financial advisor who handles ultra high net worth clients. The advisor offered to make introductions.

My client’s immediate talk track in her head turned to “I don’t think I can. What if I screw it up?”

Here are three things I asked her to do to turn that around

In the evenings, I have binge-watched the new season of “Made in Heaven 2.” Featured on Amazon Prime, the eponymous series centers on a wedding planning business based in Delhi, India. Each episode focuses on one wedding, one couple. The team inevitably ends up solving problems far more complex issues than the flavor of cake. But man—-the color palette, the set design, the wardrobes. Holy cow. I actually watched Season 2 twice.  

Since I don’t live on an Indian wedding set, I’m ordering practical things for Fall. This breton shirt from Boden. This sweater tee and this square neck sweater tee from Abercrombie & Fitch. This pocket tweed jacket from Mango. This jacket from Athleta and this leather jacket from Reiss. These sneakers from Nike. I do have a wishlist: It includes this skirt and this cardigan from Sezane. When I close my client next week, I’ll buy them.


The itinerary is pretty much set for my client’s VIP Day in Barcelona. She’s in the healthcare field, so I’ve arranged a private tour of an architecturally spectacular hospital called “Hospital Sant Pau.”  The clinic complex was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1997 and is where Gaudi, the Spanish architect, took his last breaths. It’s any visitors’s moral obligation to learn about Gaudi when in Barcelona. Jordana will also be taking us on a tour of his works as well.


Breakfast with Amanda Wick, Founder and CEO, The Association for Women In Cryptocurrency at Friend of a Farmer. We are cooking something up together. Stay TUNED.

I recorded an episode with educator Joanne Tombrakos’ Marketing, Mindfulness & Martinis podcast.  In our conversation on “How women brand themselves” we talked about these things:

  • Where am I from? I get this question in Ubers, airports, travelling (5:17)
  • The value of knowing your story and the courage to share it. (14:14)
  • Why women are scared to tell their personal stories (19:42)
  • The importance of public speaking and sharing that you have a side hustle. (23:50)
  • Bringing your personal story into your business. (32:22)
  • Favorite social media platforms. (38:17)


My friend and author Kelly Hoey, author of Build Your Dream Network, was the podcast record with Joanne before my hour. Like me, she travels ALOT.  

After all our travels in 2023, we rekindled our love of New York City and all the #adventure our home offers us — with this REEL.


She was with me in Paris. Friends who spent a month in Paris as well have come back “super cooks.”  They are making us dinner tonight.


It’s supposed to 80 degrees. I’m looking forward to a sail with friends at North River Sailing and Sunday biking on Governor’s Island.


What I’m looking forward to

One of my signature Mastermind conversations in the Hamptons where we do some mini problem solving around your business at the table of 8. Lunch at a vineyard September 16th. Want to join? 

I get inspiration for my business from things that are way outside my operating lane. Thursday, September 7th, I head to VIP Day at the New York Art Fair  with my friend Julia. It features the very best in 20th and 21st century modern art. This is followed by PHOTOFAIRS New York, an art fair dedicated to photography and new media. 

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