What happens when you push outside your comfort zone

What Happens When You
Push Outside Your Comfort Zone

My SO Matt asked me to go to a Yankee game this weekend. If you knew me a little, you know that I”m not a spontaneous person. I plan everything 6-8 months out. The only New York sporting event I attend each year is the US Open. Baseball ain’t my thing.

But he is an avid sports fan and happily goes to so many of my meticulously planned out things. Sundays are big work days for me but I said ‘yes.’.

The stadium was full. We weren’t sitting in our assigned seats because somebody else was sitting in ours. The lines for everything from food to water was crazy. There was only food that is really bad for you. My Metrocard on the return ran out of money and every darn refill machine was malfunctioning from the crush of humanity trying to get home. But it was fun! My natural instinct is to do what makes me comfortable. But I would miss so much if I didn’t break through my lack of comfort.

June 9th, 2018, seven women joined me in Williamstown, New Jersey, for the LadyDrinks skydiving retreat. I was curious to see who would turn up, especially since I helm a group of culturally conservative women. Pro skydiver and LD member Melanie Curtis led the day. We spent the first hour talking about areas we wanted to experience a breakthrough.

We did the jump.

Then we sat in a circle again to talk about what came up for us after this extreme sports challenge.



See, our brains are designed to cause us the least amount of stress and anxiety possible. It’s called the ‘comfort zone.’ Push too far one direction and it’s a negative thing. Don’t ever leave—-and you plateau. But there is a space, just beyond our comfort zones. It’s called “Optimal anxiety” where our brains are experiencing a slightly higher level of stress, but our mental productivity and performance are at their peak. THAT is where I hope to take ladies each year with the annual extreme sports challenge.

When we sat in our circle last year pre-jump, I wished for a financial breakthrough. I wanted to run LadyDrinks full time. November 2018, I left my day job to run LadyDrinks full time. The path hasn’t been easy, but I’m also not living in a cardboard box. Divya’s expressed a desire to flip her reflex response from ‘no’ to ‘yes!’ Her real estate empire has quadrupled since doing the jump.



SO this year’s challenge is on June 22nd, I’m taking 5 women to Trapeze school on the West Side Highway at 8am. Sign up here

We will be fitted with a safety belt and begin class with a brief ground school lead by an instructor. After learning the basic safety rules, we will practice the knee hang. And then we get connected to safety lines , step on the ladder–and learn to become a flying Wallenda!

The final 30 minutes of class will be devoted to catching. An instructor will hang from another trapeze bar and catch a flyer! or you can keep practicing flying through the air with the greatest of ease.



Afterwards, we will sit in a circle and talk about what came up for us. Taking risks in a controlled environment and challenging ourselves to do things we don’t usually do, can make us more agile. We can better handle unexpected challenges in life. And you know they always come. As we get more used to being a state of ‘optimal anxiety’ we will also find it easier to push the envelope in the future. SO. Who’s coming with me?

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