What can you do to celebrate International Women’s Day?

What can you do to celebrate International Women's Day?

Admittedly, International Women’s Day isn’t until March 8, 2020. But in the last two weeks, I had the privilege of engaging with several women who have shared some valuable ways we can lift other women up.

Kristy Wallace, CEO of the Ellevate Network, spoke on a panel at the women’s collaborative hub Luminary yesterday on the topic of best practices when it comes to networking. In this digital age, she doesn’t believe that all networking has to happen in person. She is an advocate for reposting, retweeting, resharing the accomplishments of other women. “Sometimes it’s easier than talking about yourself.”

Author and networking expert Kelly Hoey was our fireside chat guest last Thursday at LadyDrinks. She wrote the book “Build Your Dream Network” challenging women to build and activate different networks at different junctures in their careers. “Networking is about generosity and trust,” she shared. We engender both by engaging in the above activity listed by Wallace.

So in the lead up to the dinners, starting Feb 13th, I plan to share one woman’s accomplishments each day. For example, LadyDrinks member Zarna Garg is hustling hard to be hosted on every New York City stage for her act “FunnyBrownMom” poking fun at her stage in life as a South Asian woman and mother of three. I am taking three ladies with me to her show Thursday at the West Side Comedy Club and posted about it. 

Priavanda Chouhan, executive chef and owner of Desi Galli Restaurants is speaking on a panel today about food at the Diane Von Furstenburg flagship store in Meatpacking. I’m going and posted about that.

I took a powerful women’s empowerment class in 2010. The teacher Jennifer Macaluso Gilmore famously marveled at what we could accomplish as women, if we rose up as a collective. 

So I challenge you. Can you post, retweet, share the accomplishments of other women as often as you can this holiday?

We are going to ring in International Women’s Day day with a dinner series around the globe. 

The Montreal dinner is February 13th. 

The London dinner is March 3rd, 

The Milan dinner is March 5th.

This dinner is a conversation-driven format. In a round-robin, we will introduce each woman attendee and her company/title. Each woman shares a recent win, a current challenge, one resource she has to share, and one thing she needs right now. Eight executive women are invited to the table.

We celebrate women’s achievements with this dinner series.

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