We preview the fall line up with two leadership focused workshops

Two important workshops this fall

Building company culture and public speaking
Our two October workshops are targeted at anyone who is building a company culture and wants to be a more influential speaker.

At the last 15 woman dinner, we learned that some are struggling with building company culture. To rise to that request, we interview Leena Patel,Founder of Sandbox2Boardroom.com, on our next LadyDrinks Webinar October 10th
Leena Patel is also the author of the book Raise Your Innovation IQ: 21 Ways to Think Differently During Times of ChangeFor two decades, she has helped executive teams around the world lead change, drive innovation, and develop a winning culture of creativity, collaboration, and inclusion.
She will also talk about her corporate training methodology “Gamulation.”
Who is this webinar for:

  • Anyone leading a non profit and building a culture
  • Anyone in a corporate and building a team and its culture
  • Anyone with a startup and looking to build the company values and culture

What you get out of the webinar

  • 20 minutes establishing trends in the market, and how companies are innovating.
  • 40 minutes where each attendee shares a situation specific to them and gets one on one coaching.


Our October 3rd workshop is for anyone who has ever wanted to be a better public speaker to attract more opportunities and be seen as a thought leader. An expert.
In this module, taught by LadyDrinks member and professional speaker Robyn Hatcher, we will learn to overcome our fears of public speaking, build our self confidence, and attract opportunities! Learn to increase your empathy. Learn to understand and read an audience.

I was featured on a podcast last week and the question I was asked, “How do I dream up my events?”
I’m always thinking of strange and wonderful things to do. Even as a personal hobby. Don’t have plans for Christmas? I constructed a tour of Argentine wine country. Why do a normal birthday celebration when you can re enact a murder mystery in an Upper East Side mansion? I’ve always had a passion for this, bringing people together around unique experiences. It just so happens that I have turned it into a business.
in this article are my steps to throwing a successful event. READ ARTICLE

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