We are working on a more community driven newsletter each week. Tips in his newsletter on how to manage up and how to avoid burnout.

Managing up and Managing burnout

Plus Social Sellin on Linkedin

We are working on a more community driven newsletter each week. Tips in his newsletter on how to manage up and how to avoid burnout. Plus the most compelling workhop you have ever taken on LInkedin. Read below.

A member wrote in with the following question:
“Could you share some tips on this? I am learning new information every day with my new job and figuring out how to manage up (and down) is becoming a priority”
Harvard Business Review lists the types of bosses we all know (and love)

  • A brand new boss, someone you’ve never met before.
  • A manager you don’t see face-to-face because he/she works in another location
  • An insecure boss (hint: it’s important to know how to tame his ego)
  • An all-knowing or indecisive boss
  • A manager who gives you conflicting messages
  • A long-winded boss
  • A hands-off boss
  • A boss that’s actually a board of directors

Here are tips on Managing UP! based on authors/experts I’ve interviewed.

I have attended two of Joe Apfelbaum’s virtual workshops and saw immediate returns. The number of people I’m networking with DAILY has gone up. The thought leadership I am generating has gone up. My overall views of my profile have gone up. At the end of the day, we are all building personal and professional brands. We are also looking to cultivate new business.

This course specifically helps people change the way they use LinkedIn for networking and sales; students who take the course will develop the strategy, assets, and accountability to be consistent with social marketing efforts. Our audience is mainly consultants, coaches, business owners, people in sales, or anyone who wants to learn how to leverage LinkedIn to build relationships, make connections, and grow their business.

We interview Leena Patel on “BUILDING COMPANY CULTURE” in our next LadyDrinks VIRTUAL WORKSHOP October 10th.
Leena Patel is author of the book Raise Your Innovation IQ For two decades, she has helped executive teams around the world lead change, drive innovation, and develop a winning culture of creativity, collaboration, and inclusion.
Who is this virtual workshop for:

  • Anyone leading a non profit and building a culture
  • Anyone in a corporate and building a team and its culture
  • Anyone with a startup and looking to build the company values and culture

What you get out of the webinar

  • 20 minutes establishing trends in the market, and how companies are innovating.
  • 40 minutes where each attendee shares a situation specific to them and gets one on one coaching.


Our October 3rd workshop is for anyone who has ever wanted to be a better public speaker to attract more opportunities and be seen as a thought leader. An expert.
In this module, taught by LadyDrinks member and professional speaker Robyn Hatcher, we will learn to overcome our fears of public speaking, build our self confidence, and attract opportunities! Learn to increase your empathy. Learn to understand and read an audience.
Event timeline:

  • 20 minutes: Discover your “Why,” “Who” and “What” – Clarify your topic, your audience and your purpose for speaking
  • 30 minutes: Create your “How” – Learn how to structure and outline an engaging presentation and how to create and incorporate story into your talk.
  • 30 minutes: Polishing your “How to” – Tips and exercises on how to strengthen your delivery skills. – Body language and vocal tone.
  • 40 minutes: Practice, feedback and questions


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