We are hosting the first small business Diwali bazaar in 2019, encouraging New Yorkers to shop women owned businesses for their gifting needs

Small Business Diwali

October 17th
This Diwali, we are encouraging New Yorkers to shop small business for their gifting needs. Learn how you can be a vendor at the LadyDrinks Small Business Diwali.

Calling all vendors! The LadyDrinks Small Business Diwali Bazaar October 17th at Luminary 1204 Broadway,  6pm-8pm will feature 10 women vendors. The public will be invited to come shop for their gifting needs.
Vendor slots are $150/slot. We invite you to submit your application to reserve a spot.
All requests will be forwarded to a small committee who will review your product line to ensure a balanced experience for our shoppers.
If you are selected, we give you our commitment to do everything in our power to attract a quality clientele through strategic marketing, electronic newsletters and social media. Your success is our success.
To request a spot, please contact Monika Anush at monika@lezazzu.shop

This Saturday, I’m was interviewed on a podcast by LadyDrinks Member Farah Khan, Principal and Creative Director and H9 House of Design in Montreal.  Her top most question for me was: “As South Asian women, we’re taught to be humble and submissive.  How can we train ourselves to become a more confident advocate for ourselves in the workplace? I crowdsourced answers from YOU. Read here.

This week’s LadyDrinks Member Spotlight is on Artist & Relational Waste Expert Rita Patel. I first learned about her when she became a LadyDrinks member last year. We met in person when I hosted LadyDrinks Chicago May 20th. I was so taken by the fact that she took a bus from Detroit to Chicago to attend the private tour of women only artists at the Art Institute of Chicago. But then, as we dig deeper, art and beauty are a big piece of Rita’s life.

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