1/30 Vision Board (and 5 Steps on How to Make Yours)

My Vision Board And How To Create Yours

Each morning, I spend a few minutes reviewing my vision board, and writing in my journal from the perspective of my future self.

I took a break from this diligent practice while in Paris for a month. Once I got home, I was surprised to look at the vision board I created November 2022, and see that most of the items had come true.  I’m lucky to be surrounded by women leaders who make vision boards, believe in them, and manifest their visions quickly.

But, there are a few women who have said to me, “I don’t know how to make a vision board. I’ve never made one before.” This week, in the 7.14.2023 edition of ‘What I did last week, and what I’m looking forward to‘  I shared I’m looking forward to creating a new vision board for the second half of 2023/early 2024. 

Here are the steps I’m taking:

1. Make a list. I start by making a laundry list of things I wish to have. I like to use a sketch pad, with lots of room to write and doodle.   

–2 months in the South of France next year. 

–12 VIP day clients in 2024, 4 of them international.

I don’t put pressure on myself. I just list what comes to mind. I”ll keep adding to the list over the next few weeks.

2. Google digital images. Before, I used to collect magazines, cut out images, and paste them on a big piece of poster board.  But I found it hard to be exact in the images I wanted. So today, I ‘Google’ all the images of what I desire “Sunny beachfront apartment in Nice,” and put them in a digital folder.

3. Place them on a digital whiteboard. There are many different applications you can use to create a digital vision board. I keep mine on Invisionapp. It’s a white-boarding application for teams to collaborate on business. I’ve adapted it for my vision boarding needs. I upload the images onto the white board and arrange them. 

4. Key hint: I used to make vision boards based on what I SHOULD want.   I didn’t understand why my vision board wasn’t inspiring me or why things weren’t manifesting as fast. Today, I make vision boards based on how images make me FEEL. Being out to sea makes me FEEL a certain way, so many images of boats make it onto my vision board.

5. Meet me. I believe in having accountability buddies for everything. I would love to meet you and share my vision board with you Sat July 29th at 10am. RSVP here.

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