VIRTUAL WORKSHOP ALERT! This Thursday! On the last social media platform to post and still get organic likes and engagement to find new clients

The Last Place You Can Post

And people actually see it
This Thursday we present a virtual workshop on the last social media platform where you can brand yourself, publish thought leadership, and engage new clients—organically.

Virtual Workshop 12pm Thursday
Engagement is down on the platforms we know and love (Facebook and Instagram) as both reach capacity. As they move to a pay-to-play model, we present Joe Apfelbaum’s virtual workshop on how to engage and attract new clients on LInkedin. I took his webinars twice and immediately put his tips into action:

  • I changed the tagline under my name to share the types of clients I am seeking for LadyDrinks
  • I changed my “about” section to be written in the third person and a bio that anybody can cut and paste when they need to introduce me
  • I began publishing thought leadership.

YOU CAN still brand yourself as a thought leader with the audience you have built. I strongly encourage this virtual workshop because I have already reaped the benefits of it.

Mona Panjwani first wrote me in 2015. She had a fledgling event planning business. It was her passion away from her corporate identity as a compensation analyst. I invited her to an event and she said, “Who do I talk to? How do I network?”​ She was overwhelmed by the prospect of engaging strangers and talking about herself. It’s been amazing as both her friend and her colleague to watch her blossom from that day to a full fledged lady boss. Today she is the new owner of Lokal Eatery and Bar, a gastropub in Jersey City. Her member spotlight here.


So it’s the festive season again and you are tearing your hair out, trying to figure out

  • What to wear
  • What jewelry to wear with it
  • What to gift
  • Where to go to get gifts
  • Outsource your party planning

This Diwali, we have the answer. Come shop for all your Diwali gifting needs at the LadyDrinks Small Business Bazaar at Luminary 1204 Broadway, 6pm-8pm .
Vendors went through an application process. A committee decided on the final list. And now all you have to do is SHOP! and support a woman owned business.
Light food and drinks will be provided for the ticket price.


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