Two ways to engage with LadyDrinks this week: Self care and mindset Workshop Wednesday.

Up your ad game


We all know that engagement is down on Facebook. The platform is simply at capacity with over 2 billion users on it. Learn how you can leverage Facebook ads for your small business.

Casey and Carly of Uppercasebrands
A reminder that this Thursday June 25th at noon is the LadyDrinks Webinar on “HOW TO BUILD EFFECTIVE FACEBOOK ADS”  
Social media engagement is down on Facebook. Posts are rarely getting seen and getting even less likes. The platform is at capacity now that Facebook had 2.38 billion monthly active users. So the platform has migrated to a ‘Pay to Play’ model.   July 25th 12-1pm Carly Deiter and Casey Brown, from Uppercasebrands, will lead  this tutorial on how to create hyper local and targeted ads for your business.  We will also review a case study of a business that had success with placing Facebook ads.
Event timeline

  • For the first twenty minutes of the webinar, we will talk about the benefits of Facebook ads and present a case study of a successful ad campaign that converted customers.
  • Then we engage in a round robin, where all participants on the call will have a chance to ask their own questions and get one on one coaching on the subject.

About Upper Case Brands
The ladies who will be our experts have their own agency Upper Case BrandsCasey Brown is Founder & CEO. She oversees all Uppercase accounts and manages strategy and execution of campaigns. She launched Uppercase Brands as a Facebook advertising agency in 2016, working with more than 30+ brands. At Facebook, Casey worked in marketing on the Ad Tech team.  Carly Deiter is Partner & Head of Business Development. She manages all new business and consults with all clients to determine business strategy and revenue growth opportunities. With a background in start-ups and big tech, Carly is a seasoned industry veteran with 10+ years of experience in business strategy, sales & BD. At Facebook, she worked in ad sales and business expansion working with leading brands and partners. At Uber, Carly built out Uber for Business’ Partner Management team and managed Uber’s largest global Fortune 
100 partnerships.

July 24th, LadyDrinks rings in 8 years of events with an important workshop on mindset building and self care at Sisley Paris

Why Mindset?
At a recent retreat, an entire morning was devoted to the importance of MINDSET. Rather than repeat the same action, and hope for different results, we were encouraged to take a few steps back and investigate our initial thoughts. Were we thinking that we could win? Or did we think that we would fail? Remember – thoughts become beliefs. Beliefs beget emotions. Emotions propel us to act in a way that yields desired results. Without the right mindset however, all of the rest is in vain. So how then do you maintain a success mindset? This is what we will workshop at this event!
Why Self-Care?
A common theme of our Sunday accountability groups is how much we neglect our self-care. This carries a significant cost. At the recent Bloomberg Breakaway Summit, Liz Hilton Segal – head of McKinsey North America – credited her dedication to self care for allowing her to successfully manage a team of thousands. Neglecting ourselves can have a ripple effect onto our family and employees. This event aims to kick start your personal rejuvenation! What better way to launch a new self care initiative than a facial with new friends, led by the experts at Sisley Paris?


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