Two Role Models From The Wellness Space Jan 31st | SHE-ROES Tour Of The Met For Int’l Womens Day

Dear ladies:
For me, putting my wellness first has been key to keeping my equilibrium in the last few months.

I left television to join a wealth management practice at Morgan Stanley in January 2017. I got off the hectic schedule of 2:30am wakeup calls to do the news and found some work life balance in its place. I spent the last 2 years, devoting the first 90 minutes of the day, taking care of me. This instead of getting in a car and a driver taking me to work at 3:30am. Now I rise at 5 and head to the gym for a 6am class.

November 29th, 2018, Morgan Stanley and I parted ways. I had quietly been putting systems in place to exit. I partnered with a business coach Dan Paulson. I partnered with a branding coach. I partnered with a social media coach. More importantly, I am now running my today-passion, LadyDrinks, full time.

What I credit to not even skipping a beat, was my morning ritual of wellness. I continued to get up Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, at 5am and go to Barrys Bootcamp, Cross Fit, SoulCycle or Yoga Vida. Today, as I was leaving my favorite class, I am so thankful this ritual helped me keep my equilibrium. Did you know that healthy employees take fewer sick days? Absenteeism is 27 percent lower for those workers who eat healthy and regularly exercise. Certainly as an entrepreneur (and what I’m now paying in healthcare), it behooves me to stay healthy.

The January edition of LadyDrinks features two female South Asian game changers in the wellness space, who share why we should put our wellness first. Buy tix here:

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