8/30 My 24 Travel Essentials for Istanbul

My 24 Travel Essentials For Istanbul

For my upcoming annual Women’s Leadership Lab sail, here are 24 travel essentials I am packing in my carry on for Turkey.  

Packing for an adventure is similar to preparing for leadership. There are variables and scenarios that I wish to anticipate and be prepared for.

All of these are items I personally own.

What am I packing for clothing? You can see my list here.

Istanbul 24 Travel Essentials
  1. Away “Bigger Carry On”– Measuring in at 23 x 15.4 x 9.4 inches and 20 pounds, I just clear Turkish Airlines carry-on baggage limit (21 x 15 x 9 inches) for international and domestic flights. We have 6 transfers to make, between Istanbul, the port city, boat and back again. I’m bringing a carry on and staying agile.
  2. Bellroy Tech Organizer. This organizer helps me to keep all my cords tangle-free. Every gadget has its own compartment and I also know if I have forgotten anything.
  3. Anker Portable Charger. If you follow me on Insta-stories, you know I document my travels minute to minute, which means I’m burning through a lot of battery power. This portable charger comes with everywhere, both in New York and in Istanbul. You can buy on Amazon.
  4. Airtags. These help me keep track of my luggage when out of sight. Not that I plan to check bags.
  5. EPICKA Travel adapter.  In order to use any of my appliances (hairdryer, flatiron, phone), I’ll need this gadget. It features USB ports. I can use it in the hotel and on the yacht.
  6. Linen scarf. I picked this up in Italy when I was there in May. It will do double duty on the plane  to insulate me from drafts and for covering my head in the mosques.
  7. Away packing cubes– I’ve been using these for years. They help me to stay organized. Lingerie and swim suits in one. Dresses in another. When I get to my hotel or to the boat, I just pull the cube out and put it into a drawer.  
  8. Truffle Clarity Case. You will see, I’m a skincare fanatic.  I carry quite a few products with me on the plane, for hydration and protection. I’m 50, so I have to be extra mindful. This is TSA approved with the clear window. I love the leather and the hardware is sturdy.
  9. Dagne Dover Backpack. Made of 29 recycled plastic bottles, this backpack is whisper light and features compartments for my laptop, water bottle, keys, snacks. I’m in love.
  10. Anker Extension Cord. You never know the outlet’s proximity to the mirror or your laptop. I always carry this Anker extension cord for those occasions. Its been a lifesaver. It also features USB ports.
  11. Thayers Astringent Wipes. In my old age, I’ve become Tony Shaloub from Monk. A total germaphobe. These astringent rounds, laden with witch hazel, are great for wiping any things that might make my skin breakout.
  12. Alaska Bear Sleep Eye mask. I originally got these for our apartment in Brooklyn because we have floor to ceiling windows and the lights from the Federal Court House keep me up at night. So I wear it at home, but it definitely comes with me when I’m traveling.  It signals to my body, “time to wind down”
  13. Yuni Shower Sheets. Created by a husband and wife couple, I love these for freshening up on the go. Its going to be a high of 96 degrees during the day in Istanbul. I throw a few of these in my bag for those high heat days.
  14. Airborne. I pound these before, during and after a flight. I mix the effervescent tablets in water to keep the air born germs at bay.
  15. GM Collins Hydrating Mist. This restores any moisture wicked away by the astringent wipes 
  16. Caudalie beauty elixir mist. I found this in France at the Caudalie spa. It helps to set my foundation. before I apply powder. I carry it in my purse for a refresher to my makeup on the really hot days.
  17. GM Collins Night Cream. I know. I’m over indexing on the facial products, but this is ‘road repair’ while I sleep.
  18. Neutrogena Makeup Wipes. For wiping off eyeshadow, foundation, powder. All of it in one fell swoop.
  19. Water Shoes. The itinerary for the yacht is built around the coves and bays where we will be swimming and snorkeling. The surface under the water is rocky, the way Croatia was, so I picked these up on Amazon to protect my feet. 
  20. GM Collin Day Cream. Again, protecting my skin during the day.
  21. GM Collin Vitamin C Serum. Helps with any free radicals in the air. 
  22. SuperGoop! Travel set sunscreen. It comes in three iterations: A mist, a mousse, and a lotion. For body and face! If can throw it in my purse, I’ll be more vigilant about re applying on the go.
  23. Panama Hat. When I’m in the sun, I hear my facialist Nikima’s voice: “Big hat, big sunglasses, sunscreen.” This Panama hat from Cuyana does the job. I interviewed the co-founder Shilpa Shah a few years ago at the Women’s Leadership Lab.
  24. Quay Cat Eye Sunglasses. See line 23. These Quay cat eye sunglasses are good silhouette with my very round Bengali face. 

We have a few spots available for more women leaders if you are feeling spontaneous and want to join us. Dm me at joya@joyadass.com

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