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Build Your Confidence for Public Speaking

While many women come seeking confidence in public speaking, it really comes down to courage.

Here are some quick tips for things you can do at home to build your courage.

Become Your Own Best Advocate

It’s not a talent. Becoming your own advocate at work and in life is something you can learn.

This is a document that was crowd-sourced from the LadyDrinks community, sharing all the ways you, too, can become your own best advocate.

Assert Yourself at Work [and Home]

As women, we can find it hard to (gracefully) break into conversations. That doesn’t need to be the case. Sometimes, success in public speaking has to do with being armed with the right language to deploy in real time.

Get Booked for Public Speaking

You’re already a savvy public speaker. But now you want  to be booked to speak. Where to start?

I’ve been asked to speak at organizations and corporates over the years. I share how to get those requests here.