This AI Tool Cuts Your Long Form Storytelling into Short Clips in Minutes

AI Cuts Your Long-Form Videos

I was at a networking dinner on Tuesday, despite the bluster of wind and snow.

“How long have you lived in the city?”
“Two years.”
“How long have you lived here?”
“Um. 27 years”

I could hear the hesitation in my voice.
I was easily the oldest at the table. In the room.

Unlike my compatriots seated to my right and left, I didn’t work at Bloomberg, Amazon, Google, or Meta.

I’m a news anchor. And I’m not 27.

But hang on a second.

I had just spent the morning doing a tutorial for my women leaders on how to leverage AI for their content creation.

I piped up. “Today, I work with private clients and sit at the intersection of storytelling and AI.”

I had devoted the last few months to a thorough study of some of the latest technology, with 3 different coaches and on my own.

I shared an example of how I used AI to complement my private client work:

Monday, I conducted a coaching session.
I recorded the 51 minute clip and fed the URL to

In 20 minutes, the AI platform generated 5 mini clips, burned in the captions, reformatted my interview for Instastory dimensions, ranked them in order of greatness, and allowed me to autopost to Youtube shorts.

I’m a pretty proficient editor but that whole process would have taken me 2-3 hours on my traditional linear editing software.

Opus pro, for my measly $9.00 a month, did it in 20 minutes.

Download my cheatsheet on how to use the platform to harvest the best 90 seconds of your long form videos here.

The three clips created from my Monday interview is below. What do you think?

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