The Untold Stories of Women Artists

The Untold Stories of Women Artists

It was a parent’s worst nightmare come true.

Pre-modern 20th century, women didn’t become artists. Formal training wasn’t available to young women. It was socially unacceptable as a profession for women. Most artists were men, and it would be unseemly to send a teenage daughter off to apprentice with an older male figure. #artemisiagentileschi father sent his daughter to study with artist Agostino Tassi anyway.

He raped Artemisia.

A long trial ensued. Artemisia had to testify to the violation committed against her.

Today, her art is a reflection of the anger and the leering eyes of men. Today, her art is displayed at the Met and at the Louvre in Paris. Hailed as one of the first women to go on to become a bankable artist.
But it was her father’s worst nightmare come true. This story, told by @ChristinaEberli, formerly of Sotheby’s, has always stayed with me.

Learn the stories of Artemisia and other women who went on to become bankable artists Friday 5:30pm April 24th, at a virtual talk by Christina. Their stories deserve to be told.
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