The Samita Lab Mastermind

Elevate Your Leadership to 
Unlock Your Next Career Level 

Even if you’re transforming your side business into a full-time endeavor. 

Whether you’re a female entrepreneur, founder, or in a leadership role…

You have Sarah-Blakely-level goals.

When it comes to leadership, you’re ready for the next level

  • You’re ready to make a B player an A player on your team.

  • You harness a wealth of knowledge and break barriers.

  • You thrive under accountability, so you never get complacent.

  • You want to be in a vetted, curated group of women with the same level of ambition and resources.

  • You’re strapped with hard work and want tools to measure your progress.

  • You need to network with “next level” people to make partner.

  • You yield your gifts for good.

So why is a glass ceiling capping your potential? 

You’ve hit an inflection point in your career.

You feel overwhelmed as a woman in business

  • With Zoom meetings
  • household duties
  • co-parenting kids
  • and aging parents


Maybe even a side-hustle you aspire to make your full-time career but…

Balance feels like a pipe dream. 

So your ambitions are postponed as you tread the waters of life but…

Luckily, you’re a woman who values relationships. 

 You’ve been attending networking events long enough to know…


A curated room of elite female leaders moves the needle for you.

Here’s what you might not know


The 4 Blindspots That Keep Most Female Leaders Chasing Their Tail

(And how you're the exception)

1. Hustling in a man’s world (or worse– losing opportunities)

No matter how many work hours you’re clocking after 5 pm, you still watch as others take credit for your brainpower, grit, and tenacity.

As a result, you’re overlooked for promotions and career-highlight opportunities. 

2. SPIRALING IN ANALYSIS PARALYSIS (or worse remaining stagnant)

You know who you are, but you don’t know how to switch business models or leave your full-time job for your side-hustle.

So you decelerate, feeling unsettled and unsatisfied as the inner critic wins and you stay stuck.

3. BEING PERFECT (or worse you’re on the backburner)

You act in selfless service, but you overextend yourself. As a mother, wife, and daughter you feel like you’re never measuring up.

On the business front, you need to fire a client, address a team issue, or outsource.

Except perfectionism and fear of confrontation keep you frozen.

4. FIGURING OUT HOW TO MANAGE TIME (or worse you’re “fake” busy)

Even if you’re watching trainings, attending events, and listening to top-tier speakers you can still be BUSY all day long without advancing. You need action steps to make more money, leave the full-time job, and reach your next level.

On the business front, you need to fire a client, address a team issue, or outsource.

Except perfectionism and fear of confrontation keep you frozen.

What’s the Goal-Setting Secret?


(the strategy diamond executive coaches skip over)


Laying a legacy-based foundation before setting monthly goals expedites your triumphs.

Mona Panjwani

From corporate consultant with a side event business to full-time event venue owner.

Mona bought a waterfront restaurant in Jersey City and now has a staff of 40 that reports to her. A social media manager. 3 managers. —and her personal event planner.

Sanketa Jain

A personal chef scared to take risks, now has a diverse client base, referrals, and catering events expanding her business. 

Plus, Sanketa’s grown her social impact by donating food to front line workers during the pandemic. donor.

Kavita Mehra

She’s finally learned she will fail to excel in her family, career, and friends unless she’s investing in herself.

Natasha Mohan

She used leadership tools to spur herself to the next level as a CEO in her industry.


The Samita Lab

The 12 Month Cohort to summit women from leadership to their next career level with more influence, impact, and revenue.

With over 20 years interviewing international CEOs as a TV anchor with a Lady Drinks leadership platform on the side, moderating a membership of over 68+ leaders, and consulting entrepreneurs…

I don’t hold myself forth as a coach. I am, however, an excellent moderator and facilitator. My superpower comes from my 20 years as a business news anchor and leading with my curiosity when interviewing CEOs with publicly listed companies. My superpower comes from putting the right people together.


The Samita Lab isn’t so much a mastermind as it is a high-touch group mentorship of 8 elite women. 

Yes, the member ecosphere of this Cohort is hand-chosen by Joya and her team. If you join us, you’ll get clear on the goal you will be working on in the 12 months. Then gain clarity on who you are and how you are hard-wired. What are your values? What are your beliefs? Now let’s put systems, processes in place to make that goal happen, and measure how you are doing. 

By month 12, you are already seeing evidence of your goal and asking “What’s next?”

Visualize what your year would be like if…

  • You locked in speaking engagements, attracted high LinkedIn visibility, and gained partnerships to 3x your company this year.
  • You traded the time-suck tasks for targeted focus to execute on business growth.
  • You hopped a plane to Europe to savor food, wine, and community multiple times a year.
  • You invested in real estate, start-ups, and passion projects like supporting other women’s careers.
  • You accepted a leadership position, even earned partner.
  • You grew your wealth to make the Hamptons getaway home with a pool a reality.
  • Your team ran like a well-oiled machine even when you’re OOO.
  • You ticked off your goals bucket list thanks to elevated networks.
  • You had deliberate time with family: cooking, entertaining, and making memories to add depth to your life.
  • You had an intimate village of like-minded women ready to mention your name in a room of opportunities (think cash, clients, and connections)

These are the strategic results you’ll achieve inside 

The Samita Lab.

The Samita Lab 

is the first 12 month container ever to…





This is not women’s group therapy. However, you will dive deep into personal and professional development alongside female leaders in a similar life phase. 


You’ll discover the areas where your self worth is still lacking so you’re ready for phenomenal future wins instead of un-intentionally bypassing the inner work that inevitably speeds up your success.   





Unlike larger group coaching calls, where you find yourself stuck between “not quite the shy woman” and “people sucking up all the oxygen in the room”—here’s your opportunity to take the spotlight. (and for a longer duration than just 2 minutes)


You’ll get fierce accountability and feedback to ramp up your growth instead of hiding behind a screen. 





With access to household names like Elizabeth Crook, Laura Vanderkam and Joann Lublin live every single month…


You’ll tap their brains, explore solutions, and emulate their actions so by December 2022 you and I are cheers-ing over cocktails to goals surpassed. 


Inside the Samita Lab journey, you’ll get:

1 Private Coaching Call with Joya

(a $650 value) After the 3 month mark, You and I will have a one hour check-in call. We’ll dive deep into your goals-to-legacy roadmap that’s designed for balance and sustainability. Not to mention, we’ll rewire any self-worth hurdles, mindset blocks, and limiting beliefs so you soar in 2023 with solid routines to reach your next level.


1 Monthly Virtual Session with a Guest Speaker

(a $12,000 value)

You’ll enrich your knowledge with invitation-only leaders paving innovative avenues within their industries.

Here’s a sampling of the topics and speakers you’ll be learning from:


…and 6 additional brilliant minds.

1 Monthly Implementation Group Session with Joya (120 min)

(a $15,600 value) You’ll re-engineer the path to your micro and macro goals based on each month’s theme. From juggling motherhood with a buzz-worthy career to landing your next big win. You know the one—that highly sought after speaking gig or investment opp you’ve been eyeing. Here’s your spotlight opportunity for maximum accountability with 45 minutes committed to crowdsourcing and workshopping your challenges so you log off with a solution.

The Annual Retreat September 2023

(a $2,000 value)  Fly to an exotic locations such as Marrakech to meet The Samita ladies in person for a 3 day immersion in art, history, and leadership (and fine foods, always food). You’ll revisit vision boards, fine-tune the remaining weeks of the year, and celebrate your achievements. 

Cohort of Entrepreneurial Women

(Priceless) Think Sex and the City but C-level women empowering you in business vs. the bedroom. Plus, a powerful community with resources to ensure you’re filling your cup, nurturing relationships, and seizing social impact for good. (and be the first to mention your name in a room full of possibilities)

And to Make Sure You Ring in 2023 with Executive Support…

Exclusive Bonus #1:

1 Complimentary Ticket to
January 2023

(a $1497 value)

Dinner and an in-person intensive session



(a $3,000 value)


You’ll have a village of female leaders dedicated to investing in your success, offering solutions to challenges, and celebrating your victories.

This is a Cohort space where you’ll be connected with networks, receive answers to your pressing questions, and get virtual coaching.





(a $500 value)

You’ll get instant access to my database of recorded trainings featuring business champions with the secrets to building a thriving culture, increasing productivity, and juggling a family without burning out.

Your minimum 12 month loyalty to The Samita Lab 

is an investment of $2,900.

Scaling your female career is isolating

Before I flew to Croatia solo …

Before my superpower was bringing women together…

Before I ever went from running a loss to making 6 figures in my leadership consulting business…

The truth is “the experts” I looked to harped on goals and goal setting every day.

But their remarks felt like white noise.

They didn’t give me the actual tools, systems, and processes on how to get there.

And as a result, my goals remained wishes.

Because they didn’t ask me the all-important question:

Who do I need to BE, to attain my goal?

So there I was, wanting to make ‘next level’ kind of money, and not ever reaching it.

There I was, chasing my tail, while other people claimed credit for my work.

Even better? Men were creating leadership trainings with revenue in the hundreds of thousands. I was still broke.

It wasn’t until I cracked the code on Who do I need to be?

Until I became a fierce observer of women-of-influence and began to emulate their success —that everything changed.

As a female leader, you’ll… 


Learn the foundations of goal-setting to break through barriers. 
Overcome your sneaky self-saboteur even if you think she’s old news.   
Navigate a male-dominated environment to excel on stages, in partnerships, and earn your highest revenue to date. 
Discover the systems to hiring and managing a motivated team so you vacation (often) with ease. 
Rise together with a cohort of female-established leaders in a similar life phase. 
Secure 2x a month for self-investigation so you’re ever-evolving (personally + professionally) 
Balance work/life, kids, and aging parents whether you’re in a 9 to 5 or an entrepreneur.   
Build a profitable second career and finally leave your full-time job.
Say NO (gracefully) because you have solid boundaries. 
Master the art of confrontation to keep relationships intact with stress levels low.  

Let’s revisit the tangibles you’ll get 


1 Private Coaching Call with Joya (60 min) to optimize your goals, empower your self-belief, and realize your steps to a legacy with flow.
12 Guest Speaker Sessions to gift you behind-the-scenes tips, tricks, and tools you’ll use to up-level your leadership (in the office and at home).   
12 Implementation Group Sessions with Joya (2 hrs each)  to keep you on track, help you bust through hurdles, and dive into self-exploration and solutions.  
The Annual 3 Day Marrakech Retreat to cheers to your wins, indulge in fine food, and prepare to close the year in female-legacy fashion.   
12 month Cohort of Entrepreneurial Women to lift you up, connect you with elevated networks, even hire you.  



Exclusive Bonus #1:


1 FREE Ticket to 


January 2023  

(a $1497 value)


Dinner and in intensive planning session 


You’ll set the core foundation and cast the vision for your pivotal year. Prepare to redefine your values and unlock your creativity.

It’s time to kickstart your dreams into a tangible reality.     






(a $3,000 value)


You’ll have a village of female leaders dedicated to investing in your success, offering solutions to challenges, and celebrating your victories. 


This is a Cohort space where you’ll be connected with networks, receive answers to your pressing questions, and get virtual coaching.  






(a $500 value) 


You’ll get instant access to my database of recorded trainings featuring business champions with the secrets to building a thriving culture, increasing productivity, and juggling a family without burning out that no one’s talking about. 


Apply for the 2023 cohort of 

The Samita Lab today

And once you’re accepted, you’ll get…

The ENTIRE Samita Lab Cohort Experience
(a $35,247 value)


You’ll get access to speakers sessions, coaching calls, annual events, exercises, workshops, and every tool you need to create your next chapter in leadership.

Ready to summit from leadership to the next level?


Questions ladies asked before applying to The Samita Lab… 

Q: I want to make a broader social impact…how will this help? 

Here’s the deal, everyone’s hustling and making money. But do you respect the value of money and what that means? Money is the means to an end so what is your “end”? 

We’ll bring light to your purpose beyond business. You’ll be equipped with an action path to get you there. 

Q: Who is the Cohort designed for? 

Here are the perfect-fit examples for this Cohort:
Heads of Marketing, Operations, or Sales at a Corporation
Service providers, Coaches, and Consultants. 
In a role of hiring or leading a team(s)
….and even if you have a side business you’d love to make your full-time career. 

Whether you’re the face of your company or not, you know you’re ready to finally lock in speaking engagements, high level networking, and investing. (aka your personal + professional next level) 

Even outsourcing, delegating, and nurturing relationships with a support system of women by your side. 

Q: Who else is involved? 

The program is application only. You will evolve alongside a diverse group of women achieving similar goals with connections and resources to contribute.   

Q: Will I get 1:1 time with Joya? 

Yes. Every member of the Cohort will receive an exclusive coaching call with Joya 3 months into the program. 

You’ll get personalized accountability, action steps, and exercises so you are tasting the rewards of your efforts by the end of 2023. 

Remember, I’ll also be inside the Samita Slack Channel with weekly Q+As to coach you through any sticky situations when it comes to habits, relationships, networking and so much more.  

Q: Will I get high-touch mentorship from guest speakers? 

Yes. If you’re inside my membership you already love the experience of virtual coffee at 8 am with CEOs, entrepreneurs, and founders. Even when I spotlight you during Q+ A.  

So imagine your growth when you get their eyes on your business for intimate, personalized feedback and…  

Model their success to fine-tune your own. 

Discover + emulate what makes international leaders in business tick. 
Learn what type of people they’re hiring, systems, and processes to exceed their goals.  

Get the insider-only answers to questions like:

How do you work out your equity stakes?  

What were your key make it or break it moments?

When do you know it’s time to pivot? 

What PR agencies do you work with? 

How do you naturally get influencers and celebrities involved?

Q: Do I have to already be a member of the Women’s Leadership Lab? 

No. However this is not a Cohort to help you launch your business. This cohort is for women in the stages of growth mode with at least 3+ years of experience in business, a side career, or a leadership position in their job.   

Q: Will this mastermind be offered again? 

Yes! The women who have participated in the mastermind have experienced unprecedented growth and development. This format has proven results and we will continue it as an annual offering.

Q: Are you offering a payment plan? 

Yes. If you choose to apply, your investment is $2,900 a month. Click here 

My aim is for this program to be financially manageable while holding you accountable to your commitments. You know your personal and professional development is worth investing in.  

Q: Will you offer refunds? 

No. Given the sphere of women inside this Cohort are accepted based on collective dynamics, diversity, and potential in mind…

Your loyalty to the group must be evident from Day 1. 

With my support, I have full faith you’ll attain the goals we collaborate and design together.

The Samita Lab Mastermind 

With Joya Dass

Need assistance applying or have questions?


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