The profound impact of two weekends, 4 films, and countless emotions: why these stories matter

The Profound Impact Of 2 Weekends, 4 Films, And Countless Emotions

I have spent the last 2 Saturdays not leaving bed or couch and as a result, bore witness to some of the most beautiful film and tv I think I have witnessed in my entire life.

Give it to me in another language, and I’ve died and gone to heaven.

The Eight Mountains - movie poster

  • Eight Mountains. The movie (and the drone) tracks the lives of two kids who become fast friends over the summers, fall away and come together again as adults. Fill your wanderlust with these stunning visuals of the Italian alps.

Anatomy of a Fall - movie poster
  • Anatomy of a Fall. Oscar nominee and directed by Justine Triet The lead is German, being tried in a French court, for murdering her husband. The only witness is their blind son. So much there, but this is a visual treat, set in the French alps.

Back in 2011, Pixar storyboard artist Emma Coats shared their “22 Rules For Storytelling.” Rule #10: Pull apart the stories you like. What you like in them is a part of you.

Past Lives - movie poster

  • Past Lives by Korean American writer and director Celine Song. Also an Oscar nominee.

  • As the product of immigrants, I always feel the push-pull of straddling two cultures. In moments of dialogue that read like poetry, the male lead Hae-Sung says to Nora, “to me, you will always be someone who leaves,” referencing her leaving Seoul, a city that couldn’t contain her ambition. He points to her husband and says, “To him, you will always be someone who stays,” referencing her new life in New York as a playwright.

  • I thought about how, growing up in Pennsylvania, I was never American enough. When I went to visit my grandma in Calcutta, I was never Indian enough.

One Day - movie poster

  • One Day. The British re-imagining of David Nicholl’s 2009 book by the same name for Netflix. Holy cow. I have so much to say about this one, once I dry my tears. It quenches your wanderlust with sweeping views of Paris, Rome, and Greece. But I have a story first.

My business began in 2012 with events. I was slack jawed when the hosts told me 300 women had rsvped. And it kept happening month after month. I couldn’t understand it.

I learned as I walked the room, that a whole generation of Indian woman had grown up watching me on TV, at a time when no Indian women were on TV. I looked like them. I didn’t speak with an accent. I had been piped into their living rooms for 10+ years. Now, they were coming, 300 at a clip, to share the businesses they had started.

This was the first time I heard the words uttered to me: Representation. Representation matters. “Seeing someone on screen, who looks like you, makes it possible,” a woman said.

It wasn’t until I watched “One Day” with a South Asian actress in the lead role, with thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires, and a fully fleshed out storyline, that I understood, what that woman said to me about representation so many years ago.

What you like in them is a part of you


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