The Most Important Branding Tip For Your Business | Former Miss America Nina Davuluri At LadyDrinks

Dear ladies:
Monday night, I had a chance to listen to the Co-CEO and Co-Founder of Sugarfina speak at an event.
Rosie O Neill is a strikingly beautiful woman. Tall. Thin. Impeccably dressed. Blonde. Perfect hair.
The quintessential LA woman.

I listened as she walked the audience through the build of her adult candy business.
Hire good people.
Listen to the market.
Know your limitations.
And then she had a moment of real authenticity that made me sit up and listen.
Read on here.

Rosie O ‘Neill, was in conversation with Dhanusha Sivajee, who is Chief Marketing Officer of the host company, the XO Group. This is a great lay up to the fact that Dhanusha is OUR featured power South Asian women and fireside chat guest February 20th.

If you have ever brought a product of service to market, you KNOW what a labor of love it is. You work long hours. You get burned out. But THEN, you still have to build an audience for the product or service. You have to find patrons for what you are selling. You have to build a brand.

These are all things Dhanusha will be talking about on February 20th. She has had a long career in audience engagement and building brands at HBO and Bloomberg. In this video, she shares the number 1 branding tip for your business. Even better, get a front row seat with this marketing maven and learn more tips for branding your business. Buy tickets here


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