The good news is that negotiating skills can be learned and perfected. 

1. Prepare fully. Do your research at Fairygodboss or Glassdoor. Know what your seat commands. Ask your peers. Ask mentors.

  • People don’t like what they believe they’re not good at
  • I admired a friend for her negotiation skills at a largely male-driven organization. She was tenacious in gathering her numbers to support her argument. Company numbers. Sales department numbers. All to create the picture of WHY she deserved what she was asking for.

2. Cultivate positive emotions.

Be prepared to tell stories about your wins at your previous jobs and why you are good for this job.

3. Boosting Emotional Intelligence.

Watch your body language. Your non verbal cues can convey 12.5 times more information than the words coming out of your mouth.

  • With increase self awareness, women can build their confidence levels and, therefore, decrease their anxiety around the task of negotiating.
  •  “Using Mindfulness”- ask yourself what you really need and your interest is during the negotiation process. Be aware!!

4. Negotiate Communally

5. Negotiating a Package. Women are so excited to be invited to the table, that they don’t take agency over the process. When given a salary offer, say, this is a good place to start. Or, buy time by saying, Let me gather my notes together. Have your other items you want ready to ask if you don’t get what you want initially.

  • People from other cultures negotiate differently. Whereas Americans and Germans prefer a linear, one-issue-at-a-time approach, the French prefer a more holistic approach, and will move back and forth on issues that other negotiators may have believed were long since settled. What is your style and how can you bring a style to the table that gets you what you need?
  • In the case of salary negotiations, women would better themselves by looking at the total compensation package, which might include paid time off, the hiring of an administrative assistant, or a commuting allowance. (So important during our COVID 19 time period).
  • Rather than saying, “My minimum salary expectations is $120,000”, try, “I’d be willing to consider a salary that is below my minimum if we can agree on the total compensation package. In addition to my eligibility for year-end bonus’s , I’d like to discuss administrative support, relocation assistance, and the possibility of two-months rental in a furnished apartment, given my 800 mile relocation.” ideally, you should back up these requests with data that supports your ask.

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Kathie is a brand strategist. Joya is a recovering journalist. Each week, on the Drink LIke a Lady Podcast, they share tactical advice to support women getting a seat at the bar —and the boardroom.

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