The Key 5 Things I Did to Hit All of My Goals for 2022

How I Hit All Of My Goals For 22

It’s been one year since I wrote down my goals for 2023. I hit every one.


Here are the things I did:


I journaled daily.

I journaled from my future self in the morning. I would get to the gym early. Usually the first one in the door, I would  journal for a few minutes until the instructor started. I pasted the priming questions in the front, along with my vision board for easy access.

I was more reflective in the evenings, where I recounted the day, often in bullet points. It was key to ask “What worked?” What didn’t work?”


I got in alignment.

I can wish for success in business but if I’m not aligned with either price or the offering, I can’t sell it.

Instead, I hired a sales coach. I worked on my self-worth.


I tried new things.

I offer a Mastermind for 12 months. Some can’t commit the time.

Instead I offered a one-day intensive.

I gave up worry.

Worry is using all of my creative energies to powerfully visualize an outcome I don’t want. (Source: It is Done, by Richard Dotts)

Instead, I found an accountability partner. We say the reverse of worry to one another daily on Voxer.


I internalized the message as a kid ‘things must be hard.’

Instead, I made the struggle ‘optional.’ Embracing the surprising ways the goal could come about.


I kept my own counsel.

Instead, I shared my big hairy audacious goals with my business coach.

I found teachers in books.


I kept it simple.


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