As we discussed in Season 1, values help make you an authentic leader. Today, we layer on another factor: beliefs and mindset. In today’s episode, we share 5 ways for women leaders to address mindset.

1. Your mindset fuels your actions, which create your reality.

Our brains create up to 60,000 thoughts per day. The National Science Foundation says 95% of these thoughts are repeated daily. Thoughts become beliefs which become your mindset.

2. How were our mindsets challenged this year by COVID19?
3. Limiting beliefs

We all have limiting beliefs that stop us from getting our dreams or goals. It’s primal. These beliefs are designed to keep us safe and in our comfort zone. But Limiting beliefs inhibit our progress. . Limiting beliefs are often wrapped up in the following phrases: I don’t, I can’t, I mustn’t, I am not, Others are/will, this is how the world works….etc.

4. What are other sources of limiting beliefs:
  • Our family and friends-what the generational messages are that are relayed down to us. (Especially women) and the influence of our friends and their own beliefs. Likeability.
    • Our communities and organizations
  • Experiences-If our experiences are small, we remain insular in our thinking and perspectives. If they are enriched….then we can lead with powerful perspectives. For instance, it is said that they experiences of world travel through college exchange programs, working with international companies, and the like give individuals more of an ability to work and thrive in diverse communities of workers.
  • Faulty Logic-conclusion of a thought appears to be true? (one of my own beliefs is that in making leadership decisions I may have strong opinions based on the “limited information” I have in time but that if something comes forward to change that belief I have the right and responsibility to modify that belief for decision-making.
    “The only thing that’s keeping you from getting what you want is the story you keep telling yourself.”—Tony Robbins
  • Excuses-something we make up that doesn’t allow us to move forward. • Fear-of the unknown and of change. It is absolutely important for each one of us to dissect and understand our beliefs in how we work through our days and our decisions if we want to move ahead as a leader and follow your own success path.
5. Our core beliefs and values will create a strong foundation for success and happiness.

Drink Like a Lady with Kathie De-Chirico Stuart & Joya Dass
Kathie is a brand strategist. Joya is a recovering journalist. Each week, on the Drink LIke a Lady Podcast, they share tactical advice to support women getting a seat at the bar —and the boardroom.

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