The 12 Travel Essentials I Never Go Abroad Without

The 12 Travel Essentials I Never Go Abroad Without

As the founder of a womens leadership platform where I drive programming by taking women out of country, I’m on the road alot. I’ve dialed in my packing strategy.

In fact, I geek out on it.  

European flights arrive in the mornings, so there can be a gap between arrival time and check in. 

The following are the things that always come in my Dagne Dover backpack in case I have to make it through till a 3pm GMT check in time

  1. This Clarity Jetset case from Truffle carries my beauty essentials in case my suitcase doesn’t make it. Amazon sells a cheaper version. In it goes:
  • GM collins Vitamin C serum, eye cream, toner mist, day cream, night cream.  
  • Marvis toothpaste, toothbrush
  • Le Roche Posay baume cicaplaste 
  • Yuni shower sheets
  • Neutrogena makeup remover wipes, astringent
  • deodorant
  • lip balm
  • hand cream
  • Advil and other pills go into these plastic sleeves that can be labeled for the medicine inside.


2. My vitamins pile into this handy case from Amazon

3. Technology Bellroy Organizer It fits my

  • Converter
  • Airpods
  • Portable charger
  • Cords
  • Computer dock
  • Pens

4. A Universal Charger it also features 3 USB ports.

5. Makeup Brush holder 

6. This pouch for protein shakes, almonds, sunflower seeds, fiber bars, tea (Since i gave up coffee. Sniff.)  

  • A second one fits my hand sanitizer
  • Clorox wipes (for computer, screen, table on plane)

7. In my Longchamp pouch goes my

  • my sleep mask
  • White noise maker
  • Lavendar essential oil

8. I carry this Epice scarf to save me from drafty airplanes and airports

9. This Anker extension cord

You always go that direction, a friend said, observing why I never come to Asia.

10. My kindle 

11. My journal

12. A change of clothing


“You always go that direction,” a friend said, referring to Europe. She wondered why i never come to Asia.

Its too f^&&& long of a flight.

5.5 hours to 7 is my sweet spot

That being said, Thailand is in the horizon come December

Being prepared is my superpower.

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