Takeaways from the LadyDrinks Linkedin Workshop

Takeaways from the LadyDrinks LinkedIn Workshop

Thursday May 9th, LadyDrinks partnered with LinkedIn to host a valuable workshop on how to build a compelling profile, how to network on the platform, and how to leverage a new service Career Advice to find mentors on the platform.


  • Ensure you have a profile photo that is professional. Profiles with professional photos can more engagement and visits. Photos engender trusts.
  • Ensure the tagline that sits underneath your name explains succinctly your title and position.
  • The summary section of the profile is the area to tell a story about your career and connect the dots on your resume. This is a section to talk about your strongest skill set and opportunities you are seeking. Incidentally, the AI on the LinkedIn platform will auto generate a summary based on your career entry inputs on your profile.
  • Ask for ‘recommendations’
    List your skill sets. This is especially helpful when people are searching for you by key words.
  • LinkedIn is a place to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry. Consistently post articles and posts each week to position yourself as a thought leader. Unlike Facebook, when you like or share a post/article, you show up more frequently in the newsfeed.
  • When networking on the platform, search for ‘people.’ An advanced filter will allow you to search based on more specific search criteria such as “CEO” or “broadcasting” industry.
  • When networking on the LinkedIn platform, ask first level connections to make introductions to your desired person.
  • Turn ‘on’ your ‘Career Interests’ function if you wish to be approached by recruiters
  • To leverage ‘Career Advice’ Linkedin’s new platform to connect with mentors, fill in the form on the areas you are willing and able to offer advice on.
  • Join ‘groups’ on LinkedIn to find like-minded people in your industry. This is also a way to by-pass the Inmail system to connect to people you couldn’t connect to otherwise.
  • Use the ‘Find nearby’ function at events to send Linkedin invitations to people in the room and connect right away.
  • Make sure your Bluetooth is turned on to access this.
  • Create a ‘company’ page to place sponsored ads on LinkedIn.

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