1.21 Edition

  As I ready to kick off the 2024 Class of the Samita Lab Mastermind tomorrow, I share one key exercise that is a game changer for women I share it with. It’s called the “Personal Law” exercise. What is it? We have stories we are telling ourselves. They live just beneath the surface. “Ill […]

I used AI to pack for Moab–and here is what I learned

I used AI to pack for Moab –and here is what I learned I’ve been thinking about the story I’ve been telling with my clothing since I was in the 4th grade. It was parent teacher conferences and Mrs. Taylor was meeting with my mom. Parked on the bench in the beige carpet hallway, I […]

1.14 Edition

This long MLK weekend, we are upstate at the home of a member of the Women’s Leadership Lab and their families. I shared what I am packing here. I’m most excited for the social connection and time in nature. I’m naturally a wound up person (I mean, have we met?). As much as I love […]

Two Apps On Your Phone Could Unlock Success in 2024

Photographer: John DeMato If you prefer to watch the video of me explaining this, see here Last year, at this time, I was looking at my phone and craving “more.” I couldn’t be here in the same place next year. “More” looked like: 2x my current revenue. C-level clients who did the work. Better systems […]

What I’m Packing for a Snow Bound Weekend Upstate

For Martin Luther King weekend, friends, my partner and I are headed upstate to the home of a member of the Women’s Leadership Lab. I’m doing my usual by “packing” on a whiteboard first. I want to be warm and be stylish. The five reasons I pack this way: #1 I avoid overpacking I like […]

1.7 Edition

Read time: 6 minutes 5 Reasons I Invest in Weekly Joy I am a big believer that joy has the power to change your life. I have been intentionally scheduling joy into my every week for this past year, and since that time I have had the most successfully financial year in business, travelled every […]

Write Like The Creator of James Bond: 5 Pieces of Advice I Gave My Client

Photographer: Christian Fiore Photography Read time: 6 minutes Sometimes, I get a client who is struggling. We were working on her branded talk, and my coaching wasn’t landing.  It’s at these moments that I lean on other greats to help me. I did something a little sensational. I asked her to follow the rules of […]

12.31 Edition

Last week, I shared my report card looking back at business in 2023. This week, it’s eyes forward, looking ahead to business in 2024. I find this process overwhelming by the way. Sue Ashford, who heads up leadership studies at U of Michigan, shares in this interview with me, that strategic work is the hardest […]

How To Be More Strategic (and how to create the time for it)

Photographer: Christian Fiore Photography “Fridays are my time to work ON the business, not IN the business.” Pre pandemic, I heard the co-founder and CEO of Red Antler, JB Osbourne speak. For context, Red Antler is the  branding and design agency behind brands with runaway success such as Casper Mattress and Allbirds. In his live […]