Modern Leader with JeVon JT McCormick

McCormick views his role as leader is to support the staff who execute strategy on a daily basis. He believes in demonstrating what’s possible through leading by example. He combines showing with telling – giving employees both the good example and the narrative that explains why it works.

6 Keys to Building a Post-COVID-19 Company Culture with Amy Kelly

6 Keys to Building a Post-COVID Culture

Global human resources and talent development executive Amy P. Kelly presents six tips for building a corporate culture post-COVID-19.  Given that we can’t return entirely to the old ways of working, it’s a great idea to step back and use this moment as an opportunity to rethink how we do business whilst protecting and developing our teams.

Breakthrough to a 7-Figure Business with Barbara Zuleger

Breakthrough to a 7-Figure Business

80% of female business owners say, “it’s not about the money”. However, money brings empowerment. It may not be about personal wealth, but growing the company to a seven-figure business allows you to do so much more with your resources. This may include non-profit ventures and helping a greater number of people, all made possible by accruing profitability.

Unlock The Confidence You Need to Succeed in Business With Liz Bentley

Unlock the Confidence

Executive Coach and Consultant Liz Bentley here describes her six-step method for personal growth, leading towards that elusive seven-figure salary. Much of what Bentley describes as holding women back is centered on the different ways in which boys and girls are brought up, the expectations put upon them, and the behaviors that are considered appropriate.