7/30 Our Hotel In Istanbul: The Power of a Good Story

Hotel In Istanbul And The Power Story

When we stay in Istanbul, we will be staying in a former French primary school called Ecole St. Pierre. 

The history goes like this: The Genoese built walls to defend the Istanbul between the years 1304-1317. Most of the walls got  demolished in 1863. Just a few survive including a part of this elementary school, where the church choir used to practice. 

The Italian architect Fossati arrived in Istanbul in 1837 and he constructed the school. By the way, then he renovated one of the most famous mosques in Istanbul, the Hagia Sophia a few years later. Meanwhile, Christian, Jewish and Muslim kids from all over Europe came to study at Ecole St. Pierre. When World War I broke out in 1914, parts of the building were leased out to avoid financial ruin. The school shut down for good in 1935   

Today its been renovated to reflect a modern and boutique 17 room hotel. 

There are a zillion properties we could have stayed at, but I loved the story behind St. Ecole Pierre. 

Last night I was judging a graduate level class on executive presence. And I couldn’t stress enough, whether you are peddling a meditation app, a daily news product or rehab products for an injured back, Its your personal story that is going to attract the folks who ultimately buy from you.


I’m creating my vision board for the rest of 2023. When I looked at mine, I was delighted to see how many things had come true already. Join me Saturday morning 10am EDT June 29th on Zoom (or in person) to come share yours. 

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The old French primary school, run by Dominican monks.

The old French primary school, run by Dominican monks.

The modern day Ecole St. Pierre

The modern day Ecole St. Pierre

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