Special Offer For Fireside Chat Tomorrow | What Is Bullet Journaling And How Can You Leverage It?

Dear ladies:
How many times have you walked into a pharmacy, waited in a long line, only to discover that your prescription at Duane Reade-CVS-Walgreens is ‘out-of-stock?’  For me, the bigger issue has been the sticker shock from hearing the pharmacist say, “Oh your insurance doesn’t cover this. It will be $236.00.”

My friend had a slightly embarrassing question she wanted to ask the pharmacist. She even went early Saturday morning with hopes the pharmacy would be empty.  She later disclosed to me that she never asked it because of the line of folks behind her.

Pharmacies are interesting places because its where all the stakeholders for your well-being come together: The doctor, the insurance company, and YOU. Tomorrow night, we sit down with Sonia Patel, the founder of Capsule Pharmacy, a digital pharmacy that is re-imagining the retail pharmacy experience. We will talk about making the leap from her steady-eddy job at Sam’s Club as a pharmacist to launching a company. She and her co founder Eric sat in coffee shops for months etching out what their new company would look like. Capsule just raised a round of $50MM in funding, by the way. Sonia is also a mom to two fairly new twin boys. There was a moment where she wondered if she could continue with her company.

Tomorrow we will talk about choices when it comes to being a better leader and being a better businesswoman.

Rebecca Parekh remembers the moment she decided to pivot. She was at the gym at 5:29am when it opened and in the door for her job in banking for a 7am sales call. The most overwhelming thing she remembered, day in and day out, was how tired she felt. It took a side visit to a spa while at a work conference to convince her that her wellness needed to take front and center.  Today she lives her life based on her value system. She spent time with a cognitive behavioral therapist to discover what those values are as it relates to business, friends and family. And she’s launching a 13,000 square foot members only wellness center in Union Square come spring. It’s called “The Well.”

Tomorrow night, I’m hosting an exceptional LadyDrinks event that I don’t want you to miss. We’ll be talking about WELLNESS, and I’m sending you this one final invite, because I know, from personal experience, how critical wellness is to our success as female professionals & entrepreneurs.

We’re taught from very early on to care for others before we care for ourselves — but the truth is that we can’t be as effective or successful or happy if we’re treating personal wellness as an afterthought. 
It’s like that instruction we get when we’re on a flight to wherever and the flight attendants remind us that “in an event of cabin pressure loss,” we should put our own oxygen mask on first, before assisting others.

Wellness isn’t about being selfish, it’s about being OUR BEST.
And the brilliant, inspiring women who will be speaking at this Thursday night’s LadyDrinks event are going to share how and why they’ve made the topic of wellness their mission and core focus.

I would LOVE for you to join us.
And to make it easier to say YES to your own wellness (and this not-to-be-missed event), I’m extending a one-time exclusive “2 for 1” offer so you can attend with a friend. Click THIS LINK to register and use coupon code TWOFORONE to get half off of BOTH your tickets.
But hurry — we are almost sold out — and I really don’t want you to miss this!

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