Six Cybersecurity tips for your home or work systems during COVID-19

Six Cybersecurity Tips for Your Home or Work Systems During COVID-19

Jessica Robinson, CEO of Purepoint International, was our featured guest speaker on the Legal and Finance call for LadyDrinks members this morning. 

Her six tips for heightened awareness around Cybersecurity and Data Risk during COVID-19.

1. Companies are realizing their crisis plans aren’t as up to date as planned or their VPN isn’t working. She offers a 4 point business continuity plan, downloadable from her website 

2. You can encrypt sensitive documents sent from home. Write it up in Microsoft Word, or generate a PDF. Encrypt it using Winzip

3. Use multi-factor authentication when you can

4. Be mindful of links you click on or download. There are multiple phishing emails circulating with COV-19 in the subject matter. Ask yourself if you would get an email from the World Health Organization on a typical day. Also beware of suspicious emails that look like they are generated by your employer but are phishing emails as well.

5. Training is key right now. Can you do a test with employees on phishing emails. What to open. What to delete.

6. Mobile Device security. Whether you open documents on your phone or your ipad, be mindful opening up confidential paperwork on mobile devices. Think about installing anti-malware programs such as bitdefender or McAfee® Safe Connect VPN to encrypt your online security Also think about safeguarding your children on home devices given the homeschooling dynamic

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