She Put Her Strategy Out There For All to See

She Put Her Strategy Out There

Put your strategy out there.

This week, I heard a conversation between the directors of two of the biggest museums in the world. The Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Louvre.

Laurence des Cars is the first woman director of the Louvre in its 230 year history. “That comes with its own politics,” she wryly observed.

However, she is clear on her mandate: “The Museum doesn’t exist without the public. Its our job to entertain them. Find new ways to engage them.”

She laid out her strategy to this end:
1. Host more festivals and concerts to make use of the courtyard space
2. Become more ‘green’ by hosting goats and bees in the surrounding gardens
3. Host unlikely exhibitions juxtaposing unlikely genres of art such as ” Naples in Paris” or “Byzantine and Christian Art from Eastern Europe”

I work with so many women on their thought leadership and they are afraid to share how they think. Their strategy. They share the ‘safe’ stuff.

But here’s the downside of this: Their male counterparts are sharing it, documenting it, building a massive Twitter following from it, writing a book about it, doing a TedTalk about it, asking their powerful friends to talk about it, and making millions off it.

And then—history only recalls the guys’ strategy.

Write it down. Document it.

Amanda Wick, Founder and CEO of the Association of women in cryptocurrency, and I recorded a limited edition podcast on “being out there” and “adventure leadership.”

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