See how my client’s business story changed with just 4 storytelling strategies (and how yours can too)

My Client’s Business Story Changed

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Sunday, I shared this graphic on how to influence decisions.

In order to influence decisions, you create an experience.

How do you create an experience?

It’s through descriptive storytelling.

See– buying is emotional. You can’t trigger emotion without an element of story, sharing what you heard, smelled, tasted, saw and felt in a moment. Without telling us what is at stake. Without contrast.

I’m working with my first male client:

4 ways I’m teaching him to deploy story:

1. Public event: While Chef Nitin has built a following around his twist on traditional Indian food, his clients are begging him for ‘more storytelling’ around his food.

At the end of our coaching engagement, he hosts his first supper club concept. To get ready, I’m asking him write and record one story-worthy-moment daily.

  • It gets him in the habit of ‘thinking in story.’
  • Clearer writing leads to clearer speaking.
  • The records allow him to see flaws such as use of filler words.

2. Newsletter: Here I challenged him to think not only about story, but about contrast.

  • He left home as a teenager.
  • Food was a comfort in challenging times while alone.
  • We can’t appreciate the HIGH of a supper club without appreciating the LOWs

3. Instagram: In this day and age, it’s not enough to create something. He has to market it too.

  • On Instagram, I’m challenging him to tell one story about one course from his supper club menu 3X a week.
  • I shared this framework for each post:
  • STORY with an element of conflict
  • What was the pain point before?
  • What was the big change?

4. VLOG: For a new client, recording both video and audio can be daunting. A quick fix is to film video and narrate instead.

  • He’s filming as he’s cooking a dish for the supper club at home.
  • He’s using an AI-powered editing tool called Capcut to create a short video.
  • He’s using the “Narrate” function in Instagram reels to create a vlog.

Why it works

Most people think storytelling is: Sitting around a campfire or a parent reading to a child at bedtime

What storytelling actually is: a way to captivate and bring audiences to their knees EVEN when they don’t know you.

You can share data and platitudes. That engages 1 part of the brain. You can share a story and engage all 3 brains. You choose.

I illustrated it in this graphic here in this Linkedin post.

P.S. In the past year, from June 2023 to March 2024, I crossed 10,000 followers.

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