The Samita Lab Mastermind Group

You have a goal. You have been sitting on it for years. You can hope to divine it sitting in a silo. OR, I can fast track you in 12 months to see it by December, by putting systems, processes and an accountability group around it.

How much will it cost you to sit on the goal for the next three years? Wouldn’t you rather make partner, find that next level, leave your full time job faster? Intro video

Next year, I will have been curating rooms and asking questions at dinners and events for 10 years. I know the KIND of woman I want in the room.

I’m now most interested in what happens when I put EIGHT of those women, similar in commitment level, together for 12 sessions. 

Welcome to The Samita Lab Mastermind Group. In my native language, Samita means ‘Summit.’ My vision for this Mastermind is for all of us to attain our personal summits. 

This isn’t for everybody. This is more than the money. It’s committing to yourself. It’s committing to me. It’s committing to the other participants. It’s committing to the process.

Here’s how the journey will go: 

  • First, we spend time laying the foundation for the future. We get clarity on a goal, specific to you. Did you give yourself permission to want the goal? Who do you serve? What don’t you like? What do you love and want more of? We answer these questions.

  • Second, we dig into the ways you are hardwired. You may have had this goal for a long time, but something has been keeping you from getting it. What is that?  

  • Third, we put systems and processes in place to overcome that obstacle and turn this goal into a reality. How will you measure if you are getting closer? 

  • By session 12, you have evidence that the goal is becoming real, and you are already asking, “Ok, what’s next?” By the end of this transformative journey, you will already be looking for the next summit to conquer.

The structure will be as follows:

  • We meet once a month for 2 hours.  This is powerful peer group, hand selected to help each other meet her goals.

  • We spend half the time doing exercises and the personal development work. We spend half the time workshopping  your current challenges. Both run side by side. I facilitate.

  • Each month, we’ll also be inviting highly-regarded experts to share their knowledge with us in exclusive one-hour fireside chats 

  • The year will be book-ended with two retreats. One in New York. One at the Four Seasons Marrakech. 

  • Why Marrakech? I’m a big fan of pushing you outside your comfort zone. This to see what else is possible for you. Over the years, I’ve taken groups of women on immersive retreats and seen how they come back transformed.  Morocco is a culture that is completely foreign to most of us know.

What can you expect from the Mastermind?

  • You have a wish. Maybe you have wanted to change your business model, but never had the good counsel to move on it. Maybe you want to turn your side hustle into your full-time passion. We are putting time, systems, processes, accountability, and a PLAN around it to make it a true GOAL.

  • You have accountability from a like-minded cohort of women who rank personal development high on their own list and are committed to your success too.

  • You make lifelong friends.

  • You have a safe space to be vulnerable and to have conversations that you aren’t having anywhere else.

  • You join forces with a well-resourced, well-networked group.

Registration is now open. 

Testimonials from women who have worked with me

Frequently Asked Questions

We meet once a month for 2 hours?
Yes, its 2 hours total per month. The two hour meeting will be in the evening, after work. Dates will be announced for the entire year in January so you can plan ahead. There is one additional call for 1 hour each month. This is optional. This includes a highly regarded expert that you can have a dialogue with.
Will you be one of the 8 women as well? 
I will be facilitating the learning and the discussions. So I will be there live. If you include me,  there will be 9 women on the call  each month.

The year will be book-ended with two retreats. Is this retreat included in the cost?

You will be responsible for booking your own flights and accommodations. The fee covers all activities, meals, and programming on the ground.
What are the backgrounds of women who have committed? 
We are accepting applications through December. Based on the pool of applicants, we will curate the best 8 that fit together. Your application does not guarantee acceptance.
Is this the first time you are running this mastermind? 
This will be the second year. However, I have been facilitating workshops, retreats, dinners and peer mentoring calls for ten years. I’ve become clear on the type of woman that I want in a group like this. I want to put 8 committed women together and see the power of that. The 2022 cohort has resulted in important discoveries and growth for the participants.

Are there any past members I can speak with to find out about their experiences. Any success stories will be nice too.

Here are four case studies  and success stories :

I’m a member of your Women’s Leadership Academy accountability calls. How is this different than that?

  • The Samita Lab Mastermind Group is higher level, committed group of women. Non industry specific. The Women’s Leadership Academy accountability calls are broken down by industry.
  • You are applying to the The Samita Lab Mastermind Group. Application is not a guarantee of acceptance. The membership in the Women’s Leadership Academy doesn’t feature an application process.
  • Women drop in and out of the The Women’s Leadership Academy accountability calls. It’s a good resource when you need advice on a challenge. It doesn’t demand consistent attendance. The Samita Lab Mastermind Group requires consistent attendance.
  • The Samita Lab Mastermind Group is constructed such that you have an immersive experience with the same 8 women.
  • The Women’s Leadership Academy accountability calls does not feature an immersive experience, accountability, systems and processes around a goal with the same 8 women.
  • The Women’s Leadership Academy accountability calls does not have check ins or measurements to see if you have moved the needle on a goal.