3/30 Restaurants We are Visiting in Turkey

The Restaurants In Turkey

Food is such an important shaper of our experience when we travel. 

We are traveling to Turkey this August for the Women’s Leadership Lab annual sail. August 12-19th, we sail the Gulf of Fethiye. A chef will be on board making us authentic Turkish food, including doner kebab (grilled meat). dolmas (grape leaves stuffed with cooked rice and meat, borek (filo dough,  filled with a white Turkish cheese, minced meat, and vegetables).

But we will do our fair share of dining in the cities and islands.


Umran Beba spoke at the Women’s Leadership Lab when she was Chief Diversity Officer at Pepsi. Album here. We have become friends since. She’s of Turkish origin, so I asked about her ‘can-not-miss’ attraction in Istanbul. Her favorite is 2023 Michelin star recipient Feriye for the amazing views of the Bosphorus.  Chef Birkan Erköylü heads up the kitchen. Instagram account. 

The sea urchins are a ‘can’t-miss’ at Alaf Kuruçeşme. Chef Deniz Temel says his cooking tells a story about his nomadic roots.


Off the Pinaralti Bay, Yazz Collective is only accessible by boat. The daily menu features breakfast and dinner. Local craftsman made the wood oven where slow food is made. Healthy bowls and vegetables and fish are on the menu. I’m excited about their large wine cellar. Instagram.

Onno is situated right on Bedri Rahmi Bay. Instagram

Adaia serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner in a market like setting. I am looking forward to fresh baked bread from the stone oven. Apparently, we can pick our eggs from the chicken farm in the backyard and  lunch on a mediterranean fish menu, traditional lahmacun and pizza by the stone oven.  Instagram

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