Rebranding Checklist if Furloughed, Laid Off or Making that Side Hustle–Full time!

Rebranding Checklist if Furloughed, Laid Off or Making that Side Hustle--Full time!

In the event that you have been laid off, furloughed or have a side hustle that you want to make your full time endeavor, we are sharing tips today to rebrand yourself on social media.

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LinkedIn. That’s where people that are seeking jobs or people who are hiring aggregate. Write in your tagline what you are seeking. In my case, it says “television anchor, founder of Ladydrinks.” But here’s the next part that’s really important (people only see this in a listicle versus your complete profile).
What you are seeking. Mine says, I’m seeking “South Asian women executives interested in their self-development.”


The next section to tackle is recruiters. There’s actually an on-off button that sits just beneath your tagline and you can toggle that based on whether or not you are actually looking.


This is an important area for you to tell a story. Yes you worked at X, Y, Z jobs, but how do you connect the dots. I’ve been a television anchor for 20 years and I have the ability to find guests, track them down and moderate conversations with them in front of live audiences today at my live women’s events. I’m ‘sharing the keystones and pillars to my success.

You can write this section to read in the third person. This way, if someone decides to cut and paste your ‘about’ section as they make an introduction in an email, it makes you easily referable. You pick. But tell a good story and make it a compelling one.

I use my ‘about’ section to talk about upcoming events. I have some pieces of thought leadership in there. I have my email right in there, so even if you aren’t friends with me on LinkedIn, you have the ability to connect me, connect to me for speaking engagements.


Ask for recommendations, especially for particular skill sets that you know and you’ve already decided that you want to be able to be hired for.

You generate the request for a ‘recommendation’ from the LinkedIn interface. The request autopopulates in the recipient’s direct message. Once it’s filled out, you get a notification that the review is completed and can auto post to your profile.


Ensure your social media reflects your current status, because people are searching for you the very minute your name comes across the desk. You want to be able to provide a 360 view of who you are. Be sure to post appropriately given the platform as well.


In the ‘resume’ section of Linkedin, it’s important to not only say what your achievements are, but back it up with metrics. “I was at company X for three months and, in that time, I raised revenue from 30% to 45%.” A. State the problem. B This is what I did to solve it C. This was the end result. It’s a compelling way to share your ‘wins’ as you’re listing each of the jobs that you have underneath in the sort of resume section of LinkedIn.


This week’s workshops:

Kelly Hoey creates ‘watercooler moments’ on social media to build relationships that convert into opportunity. Next Wednesday, we host the author of “Build Your Dream Network,” at LadyDrinks for how to network and get clients online April 8th workshop at 12pm EST.

Did you know that if you say a word people don’t readily know, they don’t hear the next 10 words? It’s important to be accessible with your words when speaking or presenting over Zoom. My colleague from Fox News and author of “Listful LIving” Paula Rizzo hosted this workshop for Chief Women’s Club last week. We host her for “How to Lead Over Video While Working Remotely” April 8th at 2pm EST

Did you know you could plan 30 days of Instagram posts on Planoly? My former CNBC News colleague Lynn Gregorski founded Rapunzel Creative and shares how to build a robust content calendar for your brand in Tools for planning your social media marketing is happening April 10th at noon EST


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Virtual workshops this week

I was sad to read this article in the NYTimes about domestic violence rates rising as a result of more folks sequestered at home. That’s why I’m giving a portion of the proceeds from my one hour public speaking intensives to Sakhi for South Asian Women. 

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