I want to get paid for my speaking, but nobody will pay me (how to fix this)

“I want to be paid for speaking, but nobody will pay me.”

Time and time again, I am on a sales call with a woman leader who has no courage to invest in herself. 

And yet her business is generating *revenue* and she has no map or strategy on how to.

I get it. I’ve been there too.

But here’s the catch: You aren’t marketing yourself as an investable asset. 

7 mistakes I saw on why she isn’t getting paid.

1/ Mistake:

She wan’t clearly articulating her unique value proposition.

She wanted clients to *work* to find the benefit of hiring her. “

Just look at my LinkedIn” or “Just look at my resume.”

Employer: Next!


Work with someone to figure out your personal brand. 

The ONE WORD you are known for. 

Talk about the unique way you solve problems on social media.

2/ Mistake:

You are *reading* on your podcast. Not talking.

No videos online of you speaking either straight to camera or on a stage.


Publish video content daily on social media on your one-word

Create an easily searchable one-pager that features:

The topics you speak about

Testimonials from those who have hired you in the past

How to get in touch with you.

3/ Mistake:

Women: I speak about these 15 things. 

Me: Too much. That’s not repeatable in rooms you aren’t in.



Pick one message. One audience. One industry. Hyper-niche is key.

Just because you narrowed it down to ‘one word’ or ‘one thing’ doesn’t negate the other things you are capable of talking about.

Focus your marketing efforts to make your message more relevant and impactful.

4/ Mistake:

Women love to put their head down and work work work, hoping someone will notice. Wrong.


Sign up to speak at industry conferences so people can see you in action.

Host your own events and interview experts in your industry.

Speak on social media everyday and upload a video so you are speaking 1>100 or 1>1000 versus 1:1

5/ No set fee


Women don’t build the aspirational network in order to ask what a proper fee could be.

Women are afraid to ask what a proper fee could be.

Result: You speak for free


Research market rates and set your fees to reflect your expertise and value, ensuring they are neither too low nor too high.

6/ No testimonials


Often clients walk away with a glow about how everyone ‘raved’ about my talk. This is “telling me” how great you are. Not “showing me.”


Download the Testimonial.to app, with pre programmed questions wired in. Send the link so folks can upload a text or video testimonial. Or upload the written texts and emails there on screenshot.

Ask for testimonials on LinkedIn right after the event.

7/   ZERO 




Going around telling people how your business generates no money and you’re broke.

feeling lucky to be invited to the table, instead of taking agency at the table.

Not doing the homework or the mindset work to understand your worth in the market.


Hire someone to work on your self worth with you.

In tandem, prepare thoroughly for negotiations, and be ready to discuss terms confidently 


Listen, I get it. I’ve been there too. But I had the courage to hire “a lot of someones” to help me create the business and life I have today.

I’m sitting here on my terrace in Nice, France, living and working for 2 months. This was a pipe dream years ago until I worked on myself.

“You don’t rise to the level of your wants. You fall to the level of your self-worth.”

Until you align with the number you want to charge, you won’t be able to charge it. 


I’m currently interviewing candidates for the 2025 Class of my Mastermind.

We work on your mindset, your public speaking, your executive presence.

Have the courage to invest in yourself before you are ready. 

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