13/30 Overcoming Fear in Turkey


I’ve never welcomed the fear that wells up in my stomach. It’s a sure fire signal to do the unknown.

Today that brand of fear made itself known in my belly.

Our boat captain took us to “Delikli Magara” —-a little cave carved into a rock face in the Gulf of Fethiye, Turkey. (see photo above)

“Kayak through one at a time.”

We all looked at one another. The fear conveyed in the unsaid.

I asked my partner to go first. He’s got a bulldozer-like fearlessness about life. It’s something I secretly admire. I’m measured about my fearlessness. I like to assess. Measure the risks first. Then go.

I looked at my friend.

“You going next?”

“I’m thinking about it.”

He’s built like a battering ram so I was interested to watch his technique.

I’m light as a butterfly compared to both of my predecessors. Sheer might would have to be my weapon.

“You ready Dass?” My moniker from high school.


I got into the kayak, butt first. Settled into the grooves for my feet, grabbed the paddle and started toward the cave. The waves were crashing a little harder against the rocks. Yes, might would be my friend.

“Push against the rocks when you are inside,” the boys yelled behind me. The oar was too big for the rock claustrophobia I was entering.

A minute passed. It felt like an hour. My little kayak banging around like the inside of a Nutri bullet of rocks

The boys were waiting on the other side. My partners eyes trained on me for any threat of turning over.

“I just wanted to make sure you were okay,” he said afterwards.

I beamed as I came out the other side.

Sheer might. Instagram reel here of the cave.

This week I’m in Turkey hosting the annual Women’s Leadership Lab sail on the coast.

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