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Shreya Mehta is a contemporary fine artist. She was the first woman of south Asian origin to matriculate from a fine arts school in Belgium. A woman asked her to speak to 400 students in India. Her only mandate was to ‘share life lessons.’ The request came on a Wednesday. She had to deliver the talk on a Friday. She was in a state and booked an hour of on demand coaching with me. I asked her to do a brain dump. Put everything she considered a ‘life lesson’ down on paper. In reviewing it, I saw three very clear stories emerge. I modeled her talk after Steve Jobs commencement speech, which featured three stories and three life lessons, culminating in one big takeaway for the audience. With confidence she walked away and gave the talk. I knew she would kill it. I could sense it when we concluded our session. She says the praise and the commentary from the students are still coming in.

Step 1. Who are you?

You have a sales presentation coming up Friday

• You have to give a talk in 2 days on life lessons and don’t know where to start

• You have to be on television for an interview tomorrow

• Book one hour with me. Provide me with as much information as you can ahead of our hour.

• I’ll structure your content and give you the confidence to give that presentation 

• Ability to make a compelling argument

Step 2. I Will Help You

I’m a big believer it’s ‘hard to see the waters in which we swim.’ 

The information is all in your head. I, as an objective outsider, will listen, take notes, take note of your goals, and structure the information you hope to relay to a room, client or audience.

Step 3

You go off and deliver the talk! See testimonials below about women I’ve worked with for spot and on demand coaching.

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