My Top 3 Public Speaking Videos on Youtube

My Top 3 Public Speaking Videos On Youtube

I’m currently coaching my current Mastermind members through an 8 week storytelling workshop. It culminates in them giving a Tedx style talk on a New York City stage. It’s the most powerful digital asset they are creating from a year of building a personal brand. 

In service of this, I dredged up my top 3 performing videos on my YouTube Channel. I filmed one each day during the pandemic.

I was totally bowled over when I checked and saw this one had gotten 55,000 views.

How do you practice better public speaking from home?

In this video, I offer three public speaking tips

1. Record a video blog daily. This doesn’t have be Copernicus level of thought. Do a one minute brain dump of how your day went. Once you get past the self judgement, what do you notice?

2. Then watch the video. Once with the volume up. Then with the volume down. Start to build the awareness muscle around facial tics, filler words, and your hands. Remember, non verbal cues can be 12.5x more powerful than your words. What are you doing to torpedo your messaging with your facial expressions?

3. Watch other great talks and speakers. My top three favorite talks are listed here, including the TedTalk by my friend and colleague Chief Huang, CEO of, Steve Jobs’ commencement speech at Stanford in 2005, and Admiral William H McRaven’s “Make Your Bed” talk

Present Better Online”

How can your presentations on Zoom be fantastic? Whether you’re pitching to potential client or hosting a meeting, I share some easy to implement tips in this video.

HINT: messy bedrooms, boring presentations and bad camera angles just aren’t going to cut it!

0:19 – How to look good on a webcam
0:36 – Why your video call background is so important
0:54 – Lighting for video & online presentations
1:19 – Delivering the presentation
1:47 – The importance of storytelling
2:04 – How to present information effectively

How to Avoid Filler Words

Let’s face it. As part of experience, we are uncomfortable with silence. We use words like ‘um, so, like, right?’ to fill the void. Especially when we are nervous. Could it those nerves really kick up when you are public speaking? Check my video. I”ll share three ways filler words affect your audience when they are listening to you.

Then I’ll share three tips to cut those filler words OUT.


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